Then eat all my shit starring in video JessicaKay

Yes, I made him choke on my tasty watery creamy diarrhea shit
This is one of the best videos I’ve done so far in my scat adventures. He didn’t know what was coming. I fed him with this diarrhea load I had been saving for him. Before making him eat up all my shit, I made him worship and lick booty hole and burry his face in between my ass cheeks. The poor guy couldn’t catch a break as I smothered him with my smelly farts and then I scoop shit from my asshole and make him choke on and eat it all up as should.
You should see how my shit ran down his face and into his mouth as he was under me. It smelled so good that I had to share with him as we ate and French kissed with my shit

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[2019] Jessica Kay – Standing, Stripping and Shitting (May 5) 127 Mb

Full body angle, I walk into the frame and begin sensually stripping off my clothes, one by one. Once I’m naked, I spread my ass cheeks and begin to piss and shit. A LOT of poop comes out, as I haven’t gone in 2 days.. It’s fairly soft and too irresistible to smear, so I lean down and after fingering my shit covered whole, I paint my ass cheek with the stinky poop…

Starring: Jessica Kay
Genres: Scat, Piss, Fetish, Fisting, Solo, Smearing, Posing
Release Date: May 5 – 2019


[2019] Jessica Kay – Huge Mess of Puking & Belly Button Fetish (May 4) 496 Mb

There was so much puke in this video… And it’s just about everything I ate from that day, and the day before… I was told to try and keep the puke contained to only my belly button, but that didn’t work for long. 2 times during, I scooped the puke up into my belly button, and close up finger fucked it. By the end, I’m covered in my own vomit everywhere; I can’t move without getting it somewhere. It smells just as bad as it looks…

Starring: Jessica Kay
Genres: Vomit, Solo, Dildo, Smearing
Release Date: May 42019