MakeKatPurrrr – Dirty Ass Worship Pt. 3 ($34.99 ScatShop)

Teasing you with her juicy ass right in your face while you sit there and worship it. Jiggling and shaking it, squatting down all over your face. Taking your time to worship that perfect booty. Kat begins to strip down until she has no pants on shoving her pussy and ass all in your face. Stretching open her asshole and playing with it until she’s nice and ready. Ready for what you ask? To shit all in that worshiping mouth of your of course! Squatting down over your face Kat lets out a fat stinky load right there on your face. Twerking and shaking her ass in your face while you taste her shit Kat makes you lick her asshole cleaning up the mess.

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MakeKatPurrrr – Play Poop (€8.99 YezziClips)

Kat teases herself as she fingers and plays with her pussy in multiple positions. After a little pussy play and fun she kneels down on the floor, pees and lets out a really huge shit.

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Humping her favorite stuffed animal toy Kat gets extra kinky and starts to pee all over it. The warm sensation all over her pussy feels so good so she keeps humping and keeps peeing. Feeling like she has to go poop Kat decides to not leave her humping toy and to shit all over her favorite stuffed animal. Rubbing the poop all into the stuffed toy and all over her ass Kat just can’t get enough. Showing off her freshly dirty asshole nice and close Kat fingers her yummy dirty ass for you and letting out one last turd right in your face.

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Holding in her load and teasing you with her pretty little feet Kat sucks on her tiny toes. Then playfully playing and fingering with herself she gets really turned on. Kat takes it to the next level by grabbing her vibrator and teasing her sweet pussy that way. Holding in her load while she plays Kat can’t take it anymore and pees and shits while she cums. Playing with herself a little more after she lets out her load Kat cums AGAIN right next to her poop.