margo – BBW Enema Explosion,Fart and Shit ($19.99 ScatShop)

I love enema what about you? And I’m here again to make my bathroom dirty. Are you ready? My tummy upset all day long then I made a decision to give myself an enema. I start standing backward ass view. We could have great and stinky fun today as well. Do you like my big fat ass don’t you? 😉 I knee on doggy and insert the enema tube to let the water flows in my ass. My tummy swollen. I squat on the floor and with a very strong stream I pushing lot’s of shit and even more dirty water. What a stream! It’s a seriously big explosion. I keep pushing and farting for you. You will see different angles of my plump sweet 💩 I show you my asshole but I shoot the camera with some diarrhea flow then I squat on the floor and release big shit load. What a fun 😉 do you like it? Wow what a mess. I present for last my sweet tight hole. Enjoy!

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Margo – Fat Girl Period Shitting ($12.99 ScatShop)

I love masturbating on my period. After showing off my messy pussy, spreading it open and getting my fingers covered in the blood, I orgasm before fucking my pussy until I orgasm again! It was so hot and felt sooooo good. All of those sensations at once… After I recover from the intense menstruation I shitting on the floor and smear my pussy. Enjoy!

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Chubby Girl Smelly Farts and Shits starring in video margo ($17.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Today I have a very nasty surprise for you come on put your face between my chubby ass cheeks so i can begin. I spread my big beautiful ass and begin farting right in your face mmm… make sure you take deep long breaths since I stink so delicious. After I’m done farting my gas right in your face I decide I mine as well let all my shit out too I begin letting out some intense loud farts while pooping. I spreading my ass cheeks wide so my arsehole is directly in your face in HD releasing big load into your mouth while my arsehole is so filthy with shit still stuck to it! This video necessarily must have in your collection and I hope you are all enjoying my nasty videos because I tried really hard for all chubby girls fans!

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margo – Big Ass Poops a Lot ($12.99 ScatShop)

I am Bonya, a beautiful 21 year old bbw mistress with a big breast and huge buttocks and wide open arse. I shit a lot. 😘 My slave wears a black mask with an open mouth and i’m gonna put my shit in his mouth and he’s gonna eat it all. In this video you can see my very big buttocks in jeans, close up. I take off them and you see my asshole. 😉 I’m pushing you can see my hole open up and my shit come out, there are big and long sausages falling on the slave’s face. This pig who likes it, my shit stinks a lot. My shit on his face I love the tortured, hummmmmmmm… There is a lot of shit

margo – Bbw has to Shit with Fart ($12.99 ScatShop)

After a big dinner this morning I can feel the shit just piling up inside of me and I need to let it out! 😉 I bend over the chair spread my chubby ass cheeks and let the shit fall right out of me on the plate. The sound my shit and asshole were making were so moist and delicious I love hear to myself shitting and farting! 💨💩 It was so warm and spicy tingling on my butthole since I’d eaten some really spicy food the night before! It turns me on that you love watching me take stinky shit! I love teasing you with my shitty dirty asshole! I enjoy holding all my shit in until my butthole cannot take it any longer, then letting my butthole shit it all for you!

margo – Giant shit in the mouth! ($8.99 ScatShop)

Like any creature, the toilet slave needs constant care and encouragement. Although I am extremely lenient. Today he had to swallow giant shit that I fed him right in the mouth from my big ass. I smeared shit on my ass and command him to lick my asshole. Clean it with his tongue. I also put pieces of shit on top of his face from above and laughed looking at his mug. Look what kind of toilet I have. Is not it very nice. Ha-ha