102. The ULTIMATE MiaRoxxx experience! #2 remastered starring in video MiaRoxxx ($11.99 ScatShop)

What the hell… that’s what I call an NICE fuck! Pissing on his dick over and over, shitting for him and getting a hard and DIRTY assfuck with a lot of shit on his dick until he CUMS!

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LITTLE SCAT RIDING HOOD starring in video Mia, Marlen, Kelly, 1 male ($50 Hightide-Video)

Mia is back, now as the not-so-innocent little riding hood who gets punished for peeing from the wrong bridge. After being disciplined, fucked and used as a toilet by the nasty henchman of Marlen and Kelly, she is handed over to the perverted ladies of the house for an all-girl piss and shit swallowing feast entirely to Mia’s taste…and so they lived happily ever after!

Format: MOV
Duration: 61 Min
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GIRLS ONLY! starring in video Rieke, Mia, Marlen

Exhibitionist toilet babes Rieke, Mia and Marlen often meet in private for uninhibited girls-only piss and scat sessions. When they invited us to share their intimate encounters with a larger audience, we immediately agreed. Did you ever wish to be a fly on the wall when three shitloving exhibitionists have filthy fun with each other? Here’s your chance!!

Format: MP4
Duration: 61 Min
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VERONICA MOSER – TALENT TEST starring in video Veronica Moser, Mia, Marlen, 2 males

She raised the bar with Insatiable – now Veronica Moser looks for new talents who have what it takes to follow her to the next level. Both Mia and Marlen have already proven their eagerness to dive deeper into Veronica’s wonderful world of unbridled lust and extraordinary kinks. Assisted by her favourite 2 males, the Queen leads the way in another stunning episode of the genre she herself created two decades ago.

Format: MP4
Duration: 85 Min
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ENSLAVED TO SCAT starring in video Mia, Rieke, Marlen, 1 mal

When Mia, Rieke and Marlen meet in a dungeon, it’s obvious that you may expect more than just a little dominance and submission play. That’s just the starter, and fucking, licking, sucking and piss swallowing is no more than the dressing. The main course always is shit, because all three are enslaved to scat.

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MIA – A PISS SLUT’S VIDEO DIARY (Part 1-2) starring in video Mia & Various Friends

Mia is a voluptuous, kinky pee amateur from Canada who loves to swing, swallow piss, webcam with kinky people and, above all, to have her boyfriend tape her wet adventures with other guys or girls. When she contacted us and sent us samples we knew we wanted to get this material for you to see.
She swallow her friend’s piss like few girls we know and her strong vocal abilities make this a fantastic assembly of raw, untouched amateur piss footage.

This is amateur footage and was not filmed by us. The camera may be shakey at times and image quality not always on par with modern digital cameras.

Format: MOV
Duration: 150 Min
Size: 1900 Mb
Resolution: 720×480

Part 1 – 847.42 MB
Part 2 – 1.06 GB