Mistress Emily – Dessert from Mistress Emily

Mistress Emily – Dessert from Mistress Emily. Dangerous and terrible forest! They walked and lost their way, he was waiting for them in the forest. But he did not think that he would have to answer for this act – they made him eat shit! More he will not frighten the girls in the dark forest

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Title: Mistress Emily – Dessert from Mistress Emily
Cast: Mistress Emily
Genre: Scat, Piss, Spit, Big shit, Outdoor, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:10:16

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Dessert from Mistress Emily

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Mouth Filled Toilet starring in video Mistress Emily ($15.99 ScatShop)

You’re a fucking pervert, hiring me and not even wanting sex with me – you want something so much tasty than pussy could ever give you. I tease you for your desire for not even wanting my ass, just what it give you. Stay down and open your mouth, and eat my giant firm SHIT… A proper toilet can take whatever I give it. But it looks like I don’t even have to demand, you’re gobbling up all my poop as soon as it leaves my ass afterall! I know all about your desires you fucking bitch! Lick my ass clen after the toilet.

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The post Mouth Filled Toilet starring in video Mistress Emily ($15.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Mistress Emily – Back to Shit!

Mistress Emily-Back to Shit 00003

Mistress Emily-Back to Shit 00000

Mistress Emily-Back to Shit 00001

Mistress Emily-Back to Shit 00002

I got up this morning, put on a nice diaphanous dress, and some makeup before work. The only thing I haven’t done yet is fed my pig. Yesterday I had an exotic meal, so today I’ve prepared an extra soft and smelly shit, ready to diminish this subhumans hunger. It is ready in the morning, starving and craving my delicacy, and I waste no time to deliver. Straight to the mouth, no need for explaining, asking for permission and such trivial things… I don’t want to hear complaints, moans and other unpleasant sounds. My ass is to be worshiped and adored. Of course, nothing goes without humiliation. I spit on top of the mess and punish the slave.

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Name: Mistress Emily-Back to Shit
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:10:48
File size : 930 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


The post Mistress Emily – Back to Shit! first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Mistress Emily – Worship My Delicious Shit

Your mouth is a toilet to me. That means I sit and go and when I’m done I’ll get up. Also I’m not going to use toilet paper no more. So before I get up off from you, you will lick my asshole clean that way I know you’re done flushing. If my ass is not clean I will smash your balls. You can have a regular lunch but breakfast and dinner you will have what I had. My shit ! You’re a toilet.


Title: Worship My Delicious Shit
Cast: Mistress Emily
Genre: Scat, Spit, Big shit, Solo, Smearing
Duration: 00:08:14

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File: mistress emily – worship my delicious shit.mp4
Size: 952879333 bytes (908,74 MiB), duration: 00:08:14, avg.bitrate: 15431 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 24,00 fps(r) (eng)

Mistress Emily – Delicious Shit from Gorgeous Goddess ($24.99 ScatShop)

Even a creature as simple as a toilet can used for multiple purposes. For instance, this slave is not only a convenient and portable shit consumer device, it can also be used as an ashtray. The view provided of my soft, moist and unattainable pussy lips is incredible. I allow the thing to worship my asshole with its tongue. My ass gets so close to the camera it is almost as if you are there. Then I mount the chair in a squatting position and you can see as the slave worships my asshole. Lick my asshole deep inside. Finally, I use the slave for what it was made for. I deliver a massive load right in his throat and you get to see it on his face. My aim is perfect and the shit drops directly into the motionlessly obedient toilet slave’s mouth. The devastating mess on its face is the final testament to my power and the slave’s obedience. Enjoy and worship my shit, jerk off the screen, looser!


Messy Jeans for you (Premium Request 22$) with Mistress Emily

I’m feeling very hot today, so i decide to poop and pee in my new jeans after long day shopping and eating a lot of food, i need to relax and to get a nice wet orgasm while i’m pooping in my new tight aa jeans. But i need your orgasm as well, i spread my messy ass for your hard dick


Title: Messy Jeans for you
Cast: Mistress Emily
Genre: Scat, Piss, Spit, Big shit, Solo, Panty, Jeans, Smearing
Duration: 00:12:03

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File: mistress emily – messy jeans for you.mp4
Size: 992053198 bytes (946,10 MiB), duration: 00:12:03, avg.bitrate: 10977 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29,97 fps(r) (eng)