MistressEvilyne – A Night At The Opera ($17.99 ScatShop)

Oh darling, you spoil me so much, I love it! You know all my favourite things! I’m really looking forward to our night out at the opera, I even wore my sexiest dress just for you!

But oh dear, I think I need to shit! Thank goodness we still have time before the taxi arrives. I’d hate to waste a good shit when I have a perfectly good husband to eat my shit instead!


MistressEvilyne – Are you ready to be my toilet? ($20.99 ScatShop)

Are you ready to be my toilet? I really need to shit! And guess what… You’re here. I’m going to use you… and there’s nothing you can do but submit to my desire.

Listen as I talk through everything I’m going to make you do – and follow my instructions carefully. Whilst I make myself pulsate and cum, by shitting on your face.

Remember…You’re so lucky to be my toilet bitch!


Feeding Time – Mistress Evilyne (Femdom – 1080p)

Another beginner toilet slave is serving me today. While he worships my thigh high patent leather boots, I tease him, telling him about how I am going to make him consume my shit….. how he is going to turn into a real toilet. I give him mantras to repeat to get him into the perfect toilet slave headspace. Then I piss and shit into a metal dog bowl and feed him with a spoon. He is really struggling, but that’s nothing that a few slaps with my gloved hands, whipping his back, and a severe telling off can’t fix. I make him keep eye contact with me while he eats. I know that looking into my eyes while he consumes my stirred up piss and shit will make him more willing and malleable. He struggles, and squirms and huffs and puffs. But he will eat everything, or my name isn’t Mistress Evilyne, scat queen.

If you like to see my nastier, cold and distant side, then this is the clip for you. This boy deserved no kindness or compasion. So I showed him none at all.

Scat Star: Mistress Evilyne – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/mistress-evilyne/


Mistress Evilyne – Italian Shitbag (FULL-HD 1080p)

So this cocky little 20 something from Italy with zero experience in scat thought he has what it takes to be my toilet. He’s been writing to me for 2 years, begging to be my scat film slave. I’ve always said no, because I could tell from his emails that he didn’t have a clue what he was getting himself into. Finally, to shut him up, I agreed to use him as my toilet. And here he is, all keen. Bless him.

I start him off nicely, allowing him to eat my spat out food. Then I piss in his mouth, and already he is gagging. At this point, I know for sure he won’t be able to handle my shit. So I shit on his chest. Luckily for him, it’s not one of my megashits, but rather a normal person’s poo. So I start rubbing this shit all over him, and then I think, let’s show him… let’s teach him a lesson. I turn round on my knees and make him lick my ass clean. Again, he gags. In fact, this time he nearly pukes. It’s hilarious!!!
I almost take pity on him. Poor soul, with his Italian machismo, thought it would be easy. But now he’s starting to realise. So I make him jerk off and cum all over himself, mixing his jizz in with my shit. I want him to sexuality the REALITY of shit. Not the fantasy. One day, he’ll be back begging for more. Once he gets over his trauma that is! XD

OMG I’m soooo mean! HAHAHAHA

CastMistress Evilyne