Human Gaming Chair Unboxing and Review! starring in video PastelGoddess ($27.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos,

My new Gaming Chair has finally arrived in the mail! I’m going to go through an unboxing, dgfd demonstration and product review of this exciting new piece of furniture! I give a rundown of the features this model comes with, showing you some of the packaging before going to unbox the thing. I have to build up some hype! Then, it’s time for the moment of truth. I remove the tape and open the box! My seat seems to be very nice quality, even kind of cute! I’m delighted that it came with a chastity pre-installed. I’m dg f satisfied with the build and appearance, so I move on to test out five of its possible configurations. The first one is simply forming the chair in a seated position itself and taking its lap, outstretching arms to use as a rest. I’m pretty happy with this position, but I’m eager to see the others. The second is having the chair on the floor on its 4 “legs”. I sit on its flat back side. Although it doesn’t offer back support in this position, it is surprisingly one of my favorites for its sturdiness and variety of ways to sit! The third one is placing the chair’s head down and sitting on its shoulders. I was really excited for this one but it doesn’t seem to hold my heavier weight as well as I’d like. For the fourth one, I sit on the face of the chair rested backward. I enjoy this one a lot as well! I’m just really eager to get to my favorite one, so I quickly move on. At 11 minutes, I settle in for the final test for my gaming chair! I place it upside down and sit right on its face and let out nasty farts while playing an actual video game. I love this dgf position, and I think it’s the most comfortable! I focus on my game very well in this seat, not saying much as I deliver stinky wet gas bombs straight onto the seat’s mouth. I continue doing this until the end of gf the clip, where one of my farts makes a bit of a mess on the chest of the chair. I demonstrate one last ghj feature of the seat: its tongue can clean up messes while in use! I show you my dirty asshole then proceed to have it cleaned up by this super versatile, high quality gaming chair! Now I know that I don’t even have to get up to go to the bathroom. Well, that’s all for my unboxing and review! I hope you’ll consider buying a chair yourself!

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Pastel Goddess Shit Collection – PastelGoddess ( $39.99)

Pastel Goddess Shit Collection 00002

Pastel Goddess Shit Collection 00000

Pastel Goddess Shit Collection 00001

Pastel Goddess Shit Collection 00003

This is the ultimate Pastel Goddess scat collection, containing the poop scenes from every clip I’ve made to date.

Here are the clips featured in this compilation:
0:00 – Orgasms for Me, Farts and Waste for You
0:57 – Serve My Dinner, then Eat Yours
3:20 – Delicious Shit and Piss Dinner (POV)
5:26 – Eat My Shit After the Club (POV)
7:00 – Bored Schoolgirl Takes a Shit
10:02 – Pizza for Goddess, Shit for the Slave
12:14 – Hot Bully Girl Ruins a Nerd’s Homework
14:01 – Explosive Poop After Sweaty Workout
16:09 – Smearing Shit on Toilet Slave’s Face
33:08 – Spreading My Asshole After Huge Shit
37:28 – Trampled with Shit Smeared Boots After Feeding
39:59 – Messy Fart Cushion for My Big Sweaty Ass
41:07 – Get Ready for a Big Meal
45:06 – Loser Slave Gets a Shitty Surprise
47:06 – Solving the Australian Toilet Paper Crisis
49:43 – POV Mommy Feeds You Breakfast Before School

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Pastel Goddess Shit Collection .ScrinList


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Audio: AAC LC , 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 128 kb/s

PastelGoddess – POV Mommy Feeds You Breakfast Before School

Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery

You look so hungry! Don’t worry, mommy is here to feed you. You remember aa what we’ve been feeding you lately, right? You have to eat up all my shit everyday so you grow up to be a a healthy, happy slave for women. Now, watch me prepare your breakfast for you! Look closely at my asshole as all that delicious brown goop fills up your bowl. You can’t wait to fill up all those nutrients and aaaa aa succulent chunks. It looks pretty meaty today. I bet you’re drooling, aren’t you? Now open up! I take my aa spoon and hand feed you every bite. You get to admire them up close as I make you go AAAAHH and airplane aa the spoons of shit right into your mouth. You savor each morsel until it’s all gone! Good boy!!! Time to aa get ready for school now! Wouldn’t want you to be late. Mommy loves you!

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AAC LC | 48.0 kHz | 192 kb/s
MP4 | 00:05:07 | 521 MB

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PastelGoddess – Get Ready for a Big Meal

Farting, Groups, Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

This is the full scat version of this clip. I’m about to go out for a nice picnic with my aaaaa girls! I just have to use the toilet before I leave. The toilet is lying on the floor waiting for me when I walk in. He is so pathetic. I love filling him up with the waste from my body – I don’t think anything aaaa makes me happier! It’s also lots of fun to torment him by making him beg for the meal. I know he is sick a a aaa from eating it all the time, so making him pretend like he is excited for it is so funny. aaa aaaaa a dddddddd Unfortunately, I’m also really gassy and bloated from a beans and eggs breakfast, so the toilet aa will have to endure heaps of extreme farts in his face before he gets to the meal. I make him lick my aaaaa asshole to wet it and get it nice and relaxed. I push out more farts. One of them blasts a small morsel aaa into his mouth. Just a little sample before the main course! Eventually, I can feel the dump reaching my aa asshole. It’s ready to come out. Just after the 6 minute mark, I make the toilet beg more before finally aa releasing my huge shit all over his face. It goes in his mouth and covers his nose, eyes and forehead. It a is a big, warm, wet and gloopy shit that I’m sure is full of nourishment for the toilet. I taunt him by aaa informing him that my girls are all going to come here after the picnic to use him as well. I bring the aa camera closer so you can admire my huge dump while I insult and degrade my stupid toilet. I call him gross, pathetic, disgusting, etc. Then I grab some clumps of the shit and start stuffing it into the toilet’s aa a mouth. I smear some of it onto his chest. He is so broken and defeated. He can’t speak or even cry with a a mouth full of shit and his eyes completely blinded by his meal. I tell him to eat it all up and leave him a to go for my picnic.

AVC | 1920×1080 | 14.3 Mb/s
AAC LC | 48.0 kHz | 192 kb/s
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PastelGoddess – Solving the Australian Toilet Paper Crisis

Desperation, Poop Videos, Scat, Toilet Slavery

In Australia, supermarkets everywhere are sold out of toilet paper due to panic surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Mobs of paranoid residents have stockpiled on non-perishables and other basic aaaa aa necessities. I’ve had Kitten searching all over the city for toilet paper. I’m just desperate to shit but I need to be able to wipe! I’m in hysterics when he comes home emptyhanded, unable to find a single shop aaaa selling it. I really can’t hold my shit any longer though. There’s no time to keep looking or ask around.aa Kitten is at a loss of how to help, but I come up with an idea. I tell Kitten that he is going to need to a clean my asshole with his mouth. He is in disbelief, but I’m completely serious. This shit is coming out aa now. I sit down and let out all of my stinky, gloopy shit. It’s pretty messy and cakes all over my big ass cheeks while spilling onto the floor. I let you see it nice and close before calling Kitten over to clean a it all off. He licks me clean while I finally feel relief. I’d been holding that in for so long. His tongue cleaning me off puts me at ease. I demand that he does a good and thorough job, and he takes his time to do the best he can until it is all gone. At the end, I tell him that his tongue will continue to be my toilet paper until the crisis in Australia is resolved.

AVC | 1920×1080 | 16.0 Mb/s
AAC LC | 48.0 kHz | 192 kb/s
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PastelGoddess – Smearing Shit on Toilet Slave’s Face (02.12.2019)

My slave is in for it today. I have been building up this dump for like 2 days and I have so much to feed him. He’s very hungry and acting so desperate. I use this as an opportunity to tease and torment him before I give him the meal. I have a lot of gas that I need to get out first. All my stinky farts are just going to drive him insane while his tummy grumbles awaiting to be fed. I give him one after another over the course of the first 11 minutes, slowly stripping off my leggings as I go. It feels so tight compressing in all my air, so I pull them down and my slave eagerly puts his nose in my ass cheeks and takes in the farts I give him. Eventually, I take off my leggings altogether and bury him deep in my asshole. With his mouth making a seal around it, I shoot a solid piece into his mouth which he has to swallow. Just an appetizer before the meal! I fart a bunch more times until the waste in just about to poke out. I honestly can’t hold it in any longer. I decide to torment my slave. He is hungry and needs to be fed, but I want to smear my shit all over his face instead, squishing and smashing the shit all over my ass cheeks and covering his face completely. The shit comes out in a hot and creamy spurt and perfectly moulds to the shape of the slave’ head. Over the next 18 minutes, I mush and smear the shit deep into his face to make sure it is smelly for days. This is what a pathetic bitch toilet slave deserves. Not only to lick and eat up all of his meal, but also to have all of your senses fully immersed in my shitty mess. It’s all the slave deserves. He cries and struggles to lick it up. It just constantly spreads out more and more over my ass and lathers his pores deeply with my shit. If he wants to be full, he’s just going to have to work harder. I bounce my ass on his face and he cries, humiliated, dehumanized and broken. After shitting, I have more farts to give him throughout the clip as he drowns in his own meal. I comment on his belly looking fuller as he gradually eats away at his dinner. I laugh at how desperate he is to be fed, not knowing when the next time may be. I’m filled with joy knowing that my slave is eating what comes from my body. I’m his Goddess, the reason he exists, and he has never looked better than with a face covered in my deep solid waste. The clip fades out as I continue smothering the slave as he licks up shit from my asshole. Hopefully he will pass out until the next feeding – That’s an appropriate fate for a toilet loser…