QuinnBrooks – Shy Girlfriends Shitting Secret ($13.99 YezziClips)

Shy girlfriend tells you her scat fantasy// nice views and YES you can see the shit pouring out//

You see sweetie, I have had this umm.. fantasy for a very long time. I have dreamed about playing with my shit for quite some time. I’ve been super nervous to tell you. That’s why I asked you into the bathroom. I wanted to ease you into what I’ve been wanting to explore with you. Here sit and just watch. I’ll play with my perfect tight pussy. I know that gets you hard. Now you see I normally can’t hold in my shit. I wanted this to be SO special for you so I have been holding in my shit for 2 hours. Now after I have sort of eased you into it I want to turn around. Now see sweetie this isn’t scary? You love my nice round ass. I spread it for you and show it off to ease you into whats about to happen. I spread my ass and let it all out. You get the perfect view of all my perfect shit coming out of my ass. I touch your face and say “Now I know you want to see it right?” I know you want to look down on the floor and see it.. Your excited aren’t you?? I can’t wait to explore more with you.


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FilthFetishStudios – This Punishment Stinks – Organic Princess Brooke

Dialogue that I have in mind: Brookes slave has been begging for weeks to let him jerk off to her, he claims he will do anything for her for the opportunity. Brooke is hesitant at first but gets a devious idea and decides to entertain his request, but the slave has to agree to her terms. 1. He’s not allowed to cum until she gives him the OK. 2. He’s not allowed to argue or complain about anything she does to him 3. For every time he stops jerking to prevent himself from cumming, he has to do a nasty task that Brooke says (drink pee, swallow her spit, lick her sweat, panties in mouth, ect) anything she feels like doing to him 4. If he can not hold off and cums, he has to become a full-fledged human toilet for a week. Eating/drinking/smelling whatever is provided to him, starting immediately.


FilthFetishStudios – Piss WaterBoarding And Poop Collecting – Organic Princess Brooke

Princess Brooke delivers Jimmy HOT STEAMING PISS in two different fashions! The first clip, she lays a towel over his face and WATERBOARDS HIM WITH URINE! You can hear him choking in her piss as she laughs and lets FARTS LOOSE over his face! As Jimmy chokes, she does a little booty tease above him! The second clip, she makes him drink piss with a funnel! Jimmy chokes and sprays piss everywhere but Brooke just squats over him, filling his mouth further! Next, Princess Brooke does a BOOTY TEASE, Spreading her ass cheeks and giving you a CLOSE UP VIEW of her INCREDABLE BUTT. She Jiggles and wiggles back and forth, ALL RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! The video ends with Jimmy holding out his hands and COLLECTING A GIANT LOAD OF VEGAN POOP! The video unfortunately cut short so you don’t get to see Jimmy choke and gag, but Brooke still wanted to show off her shit producing skills for everyone!


Quinn Brooks – I’ll Fulfill Your Needs (26.03.2020)

Title: I’ll Fulfill Your Needs
Cast: Quinn Brooks
Genre: Scat, Solo, Big shit, Pregnant, Smearing
Duration: 00:07:30

I love knowing that I am a kinky chick and your girlfriends or wives are not. I will do the nasty, dirty things they won’t do. I love shitting and farting in front of you, I love knowing you stroke to me. I get you so hard with my naughty ways. It turns me on knowing I could make you happy but she can’t. She would never fart or shit for you. Well I will.. I will fulfil those needs. I will be your fart and shit slut. I will do those dirty things for you baby. I will make that cock twitch every single time…