Svetlana – Shit ran down my legs

Hello dear friends. In this video, I am cleaning again. The New Year is coming and I need to do the cleaning)) I was in my underwear and dusting the corridor, rubbing my large mirror. I was standing in the chair when the shit almost came out of me. I managed to get to the floor and liquid shit poured down my legs. I got distracted and played with shit. I smeared it on my legs, got into different positions and showed my dirty ass. Playing with the heat on your feet and your ass. Thanks to everyone who is always with me. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Title: Shit ran down my legs
Cast: Svetlana
Genre: Scat, Diarrhea, Big shit, Mature, Solo, Panty, Smearing
Duration: 00:09:54

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Svetlana – Big pile of shit ($12.99 ScatShop)

Hello my dear friends and pokdoniks! Waking up in the morning and my big ass was filled with shit and I immediately went to the bathroom. Completely naked, I started doing exercises. She squatted down and started to shit. Shit, smelly and soft, just got out of my ass, it turned out to be a big pile of smelly shit. And how it stank, you can only imagine. I also pissed on a bunch of shit, and started sticking my fingers in my pussy, what a thrill it is, I am pleased with myself, I went to wash my big smelly ass and pussy. Watch and enjoy, I am trying for you.

Svetlana – I like to shit in jeans


Title: I like to shit in jeans
Cast: Svetlana
Genre: Scat, Shit, Smearing, Panty Pooping, Fetish, Extreme
Duration: 00:08:09

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File: Svetlana – I like to shit in jeans.mp4
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Svetlana – My ass is giving shit ($12.99 ScatShop)

Good night, my favorite fans. Today, at the request of one of my fans, I shot a video in which I gave my poop to the bathroom. I stood straight and my buns were tightly squeezed, at this time the shit began to come out of me. You will see the muscles tense during this, because I need to make an effort to get my shit out. See the muscle play, see the shit fall down. Then I showed off my very dirty ass with a lot of shit left on it. Watch and enjoy. Everything is for you ! Enjoy watching!


Naughty Tinkerbell had often fantasied about being used for sex in a dirty old gentleman’s toilet. Her fantasy then came true, as she found herself being fisted and fucked while handcuffed to some disgusting old urinals. But, she was then made to sit in front of one of the urinals with her mouth over the outlet pipe. Tinky had to keep swallowing until her belly was completely filled up with stinky yellow pee and then lots of creamy chunky spunk, after being made to suck cock as well!…

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Duration: 30 Min
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Svetlana – Tatiana shit in red leggings – Tatiana shit in jeans – Shit from the buttocks to the legs – I take a bath and shit- Shit on Tatiana’s feet





Svetlana – Tatiana shit in red leggings
Great morning my dear companions. I shot this video in my large room. In the video, I’m in red straightforward tights. I’m having a good time, tidying up the room and moving. At that point I took a seat and utilizing it did my grimy business) I cared the slightest bit in red tights and afterward presented in them, simply skipping around and having a good time. I showed my grimy ass, sat on a seat and spread the crap much more inside the stockings. At that point she showed her messy ass again and it was fun and useful for me, understanding that you are taking a gander at me and you additionally make the most of my grimy games. Make the most of your day! With affection Tatiana!

Svetlana – Tatiana shit in jeans
Great day. How exhausting is our life) Sometimes I suspect as much, vanity, ailment, work and nothing for myself. I haven’t shot hot recordings for you for quite a while. A little affliction tormented me. However, presently down with everything and we should celebrate and give others a justification bliss. I trust you missed me so much since I missed you to such an extent. At last, I felt somewhat better and I’m at home alone and I can do what I like and what nobody thinks about aside from you and me) In this video you will perceive how I piss and poo in pants. I presented on the floor in the lobby, there is a ton of room and light. I’ll show you everything, and grimy ass as well) Don’t stand by, purchase this video immediately, you haven’t seen me for quite a while! Make the most of your survey, old buddy!

Svetlana – Shit from the buttocks to the legs
Great night my companions. It’s late today, however I can’t rest and I chose to do one more lovely thing for myself and for you. I add a video wherein I crap while standing. My rolls are crushed and poo comes out directly on my feet. I sort of press it a little with my full buns. At that point I move, my butt moves, my muscles in my legs. I twist around and show messy butt-centric. My feet get filthy and trample the messy floor. Here’s a creation I got today!

Svetlana – Shit on Tatiana’s feet
Great day everybody. Another week has started and I wish each and every individual who peruses this a fruitful new week and new accomplishments throughout everyday life. Today I made another film on which I spread my feet. Simply your legs. I was totally stripped, modeled for the camera, showing you how hot and charming I am. Right? My huge boobs moved and my muscles worked. At that point I turned into an ass, gone to the camera, shut my legs and just let the poop down. It needed to slide uninhibitedly over my legs. It didn’t work out immediately, yet I did it at any rate. I crap directly on my exposed feet and spread the poop on my feet as I scoured them together. I spread the poop, twisted around to show my messy ass and spread the crap everywhere on my legs once more, which is my disposition toward the beginning of another week. Cheerful survey to all!

Svetlana – I take a bath and shit
Hi my companions. In this video, you see me cleaning up. I’m lively, I’m feeling acceptable, I generally need to go for you) I show you how I wash, my bare body, huge tits. I lie on my stomach and you see my succulent buns in the froth. I’m with you with every one of my vibes and I like that you take a gander at me. I pissed into the restroom, the camera is with the goal that you can see the pee emptying straightforwardly into the water wherein I wash. At that point I set down on my side, opened my bottom and poop into the water. Crap fell into the water with froth and I swam in water with crap) I am feeling acceptable and I wish you the equivalent. See, appreciate and have a good time! Glad review!

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing



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