Shitting on slave in bath starring in video Mistress Emily

First you must to kiss and lick my dirty shoes, suck my heel, and then you’ll be licking my feet. After you clean out my shoes by your tongue, there is another task for you slave – swallow my spit. I understand that I want to shit in an emergency and, fortunately, you have to be there to make it happen in your mouth. This will be a very huge stinking turd. Now the toilet, listen to me very carefully! I want you to look only at my ass! Watch and keep your mouth open! Oh yeah, this is what you deserve – my big fat shit! Swallow! Make it slave! There is still a bit of work for you then. You have to eat my shit and then drink my pee. Are you happy and fed now, my little slut? This is training for you to serve me. I say, look at his mug. This all in my shit! Lick, bitch! Suck my shit!

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