I am a toilet starring in video SantaraScat ($19.99 ScatShop)

That’s MY FAVOURITE video:) I asked my BF to sit down on my face and imagine that I am just a toilet seat:) He made a big load and it filled up all my mouth, even went inside my throat. I LOVED laying on floor with my mouth stuck with his poo. I smeared that poo on my face and my tits , then on his hard dick and sucked him off (adore dirty blowjob !!). He fucked my asshole nice and hard stretching it till I felt huge urge to poo by myself and when he pulled his dick out , I poo all over it. And then my favourite part – I mixed his and mine poo into a huge piece, stuck it in my mouth till I can barely breath and masturbated while he was holding his hand on my mouth pushing that poo deeper and deeper in my throat …
P.S.: I love be a dirty lil piggy for a man so he treats me in most nastiest dirty way… So I sit all in my poo and just want this moment last forever

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Duration: 14 Min
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