ModelNatalya94 – Marina caught hot. Archive($18.99 ScatShop)

Hello dear fans. I hope you missed our joint videos a little? Today I will add the video from our archive again. In the video, the four of us are Marina, Olga, Lolita and Yana. We filmed a video in which Marina was caught hot when she and Yana made a mess in the room. Marina and Yana went into the room and shit and pissed on the floor, then smeared shit on the floor. The girls wanted to harm Lolita and Olga, who were on duty today and had to clean the room. They came unexpectedly, Yana managed to escape, but Lolita and Olga caught Marina. They made Marina a dirty slave. Lolita constantly beat her with a dirty broom, which was in shit, and Olga fucked Marina with a phalos in her ass and stuffed her with a dirty gag. In general, a very interesting video, as always. Enjoy watching!

janet – Fart and Shit In Your Face ($14.99 ScatShop)

Watch me tell you I want you to smell my sharts. I fart under your nose for you to inhale, pretty smelly is not it? Now take some more derogatory words for you. 😉 I push some more farts and shit oozes from my asshole. You really wanted a fart session… OK… now you are getting a scat session too.. I tell you to eat my shit and if you do i’ll fart again for you as I know how much you love being a fart sniffer..
You such a good shit eater and fart sniffer!

Margo – BBW Gotta Shit a Lot ($18.99 ScatShop)

After a big dinner this morning I feel shit just piling up inside of me and I need to let it out! I bend over on my knees spread my chunky ass and tease you. Showing you my big tits and a pretty smile. 😉 I bet your cock is hard already. I put two different front view on camera and let the shit fall right out of me. The sound my shit and asshole were making were so moist and delicious I love listening to myself shitting! It really turns me on that you love watching me take shit! 💩 I love teasing you with my shitty stained butthole! I enjoy holding all my poop in until my asshole cannot take it any longer … then letting my big arsehole shit it all out out in front of the camera for you! Enjoy!