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Almost no time to get in and position myself, it was too fast, I was desperate to shit, so I shit, kept letting myself go until I had a battery in Mike’s genitals. I started masturbating Mike with my pasty shit and right after I sucked I got a strong taste because I ate a lot of meat the day before. As the taste was strong, I spit a lot while sucking Mike’s dick, rubbing my shit in the face to stay in touch, as I sucked the taste it became more evident on my tongue making me more excited, so Mike got up and I continued to suck him, until he gave me the signal that he wanted to come.
I started to chew Mike and suck his dick all dirty until he let the milk into my mouth. This fetish may seem to be Mike’s, but the truth is that this fetish and my taste for a dirty Blowjob, for Mike he only ate all my poop always, more as if he had to serve, I decide what is good for me, to satisfy myself and most important of all, my desires are above all.

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Latinascatwife – Human toilet 2 full versio

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As usual Mike was already in place, just waiting to feel my delicious cocolato entering his mouth, I sat down and without much delay started a complete rain for Mike, pee and coconut entering his mouth, Mike’s mouth it filled up quickly making a lot of poop, dropping a piece. I took what had fallen and started to pile that pile of shit on Mike’s face, I sat on the chair and started to put my beautiful feet in Mike’s mouth so that my poop would come in with my help because I realized that he was having trouble I swallowed and I was punching my wonderful chocolate with my feet, feeling it enter between my fingers as it stuck and Mike just had to accept his situation, the deeper my feet went in his mouth the more shit spilled out of his mouth, an incredible sight.

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Latinascatwife – Having fun with the bathroom slave

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It was the day of using my human bathroom, and when I arrived from the market I was ready to be used, I arrived and went in already with pain in my stomach wanting to shit, I already sat down lowering my shorts, but my poop got a little stuck at the exit with a shove he started to leave, giving me such good shivers, I felt my shit slide down the rectum and fall into the toilet. I put what had fallen off Mike’s face, and I felt a great urge to make dirt, I sat it spreading all over Mike’s face, the sensation of the coconut spreading between my ass and Mike’s face and fascinating, made him suck my ass and pussy all wet with shit, dissatisfied I took off his mask and spread it on his face, beard and hair. I lift Mike up so you can see the result better and continue to sit and rub more. This game was perfect, the end result was more than 1 hour of bath to remove almost all residues. That’s why Mike uses mascara, not out of shame, but because of the difficulty of cleaning because he has a beard and big hair. More is there for you to try this amazing content.

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