Ella clogs the toilet with a big load starring in video LittleDirtyPrincess ($8.99 ScatShop) – Efro

♡ here’s proof that I sometimes clog the toilet with my big loads >.< I tried something different this time, I woke up and knew I had to go urgently. So I grabbed a plate and headed to my room to release my giant load! I wish I could serve it up to you for dinner…. I push a long smooth poop onto the plate and it feels amazing. Then I inspect my poop and flush it away, but it clogs the toilet! I plunge and manage to fix the issue thank goodness ♡

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Ella smushes her poop on the floor and squirts starring in video LittleDirtyPrincess ($13.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

♡ I woke up feeling pretty naughty this morning and wanted to do something special…. I felt like getting dirty I tell you about how badly I have to go. Then I adjust myself and play with my lips a bit… (sorry there is a bit of blood there from my period ;_;)… this is really new for me to do on camera but it feels good. I have trouble getting the poop out at first and some pee comes, which I had to do in the toilet unfortunately. But then I lay back down and struggle to push some more. Eventually my load comes out and it is a decent size and nice color and texture^^ I start rubbing myself with my toy, but the temptation to feel my shit is too strong… so I sit down on it and it feels so nice and warm on my butt….. I smash down on it a few times and get nice and messy! I cum for you and show you my messy butt please let me know if you like these types of videos bc it was really fun to make and makes me excited to do ♡

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Big poop relief after the workday starring in video LittleDirtyPrincess ($7.99 ScatShop) – Teenies Shitting

I held it in all day!! But when I get home and get changed into some comfy clothes, I can’t hold it any longer. The thick hard log feels so nice coming out, of course some pee dribbles out and my front hole turns red with pleasure… I inspect the load, a lot went into this one! – 12 grain toast, kale, lentils, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and my favorite- hot chicken strips Theres one last nugget left, and I pop it out into the toilet with some bonus pee.

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Solo Scat Girls 18 Years Old starring in video Katy Miller (€14.99 ORDER)

Katy Miller is our newest scat model. Fantastatic, amazing 18-years-old girl with perfect face, body and feet. Everything is just top on her. She amazed me with her perfect positions, big pee and gorgeous shit. It was fantastic to work with her, because she has perfect feet. She shits a lot and her pee was also good. It was fantastic to see how the shit comes out of her perfectly shaped ass and her beautiful little asshole. She never made movies before, she wouldn’t like to work in porn industry, but because she finds our movies with scat and pee interesting, she would liked to try it. So check this amazing movie with this beautiful, perfect girl and lot of shit and pee!


Their ass really sweet starring in video MilanaSmelly ($17.99 ScatShop) – Russian Scat

Their ass really sweet! At first the girls walked around the store and selected products for the competition. We decided to hold a contest – which of the girls will eat cranberries faster. Their juicy asses looked sexy, but the fact that they still wanted to shit gave them even more sexuality! They constantly urged me: “faster, I want to shit.” We held a competition and the girls alternately filled my mouth with their sweet, morning shit!

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Karina poops after bathing in slave’s mouth starring in video MilanaSmelly ($14.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

Every time I look forward to this day. Several times a month Mistress Karina invites me to her apartment, as a slave who will provide her comfort and pleasure. I have to fulfill a variety of duties. Serving Mistress Karina as a toilet is one of my responsibilities during these meetings. This time Karina decided to take a bath, and I had to serve the girl during this procedure. And I got great pleasure from the fact that I could once again admire the beautiful young body of Mistress, her breasts, her ass. Mistress Karina is a very beautiful girl. I was in seventh heaven with happiness when Mistress allowed me to smell her panties, and then wash them while she takes a bath. The toilet slave has no right to touch Mistress’ body with his hands. But this time, a small exception was made for me. Mistress Karina allowed me to dry her body with a towel after she finished washing. Touching her body, albeit through a towel, is what I have long dreamed of. And my dream has finally come true. I figured that Karina would want to use the toilet later. However, she had a very hearty dinner the night before, and she really wanted to shit. Karina decided to use me as a toilet right in the bathroom. Without getting out of the bath, she positioned her anus in front of my mouth. A huge long turd filled my mouth, and then, like a snake, in a spiral, lay on my face. I havn’t tasted such good-tasting shit for a long time. It was especially pleasing that there was a lot of it. Karina left to relax on the sofa, and I stayed in the bathroom, eating the rest of her fragrant shit.

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