KIRA & MOLLY – BUTTHOLE NURSES starring in video Kira, Molly, 2 males ($30 Hightide-Video)

When nurses Molly and Kira worked their magic on an apparantly passed-out patient, he soon showed signs of an amazing recovery – more than enough reasons for the chief physician to reward the two hottest nurses of the ward with a couple of orgasms on the house…

Note: Despite some minor audio flaws this title is simply too good not to release.

CHRIS – PERVERT’S PARADISE starring in video Chris-Extreme, Eliza, 1 Male ($60 Hightide-Video)

Extreme, perverted encounters between Chris and some of her depraved friends. Hard shit & piss games with blonde Eliza and an ultra-hard session with a slave pig. Shit eating, enema swallowing and shit vomiting; one of the most extreme and hottest scenes ever from scat queen Chris.

BETTY FRIENDS – A SHITTY JOB starring in video Betty, Molly, Monalisa, Sexy, 2 males ($60 Hightide-Video)

Where do you find all those exquisite sluts?” Truth is we don’t because they find us – we just put up some flyers and wait till they knock on our door. Sooner or later they do, and every now and then such a campaign results in a memorable event: four shit-hungry chicks, three confident blokes and a secret biker hangout provide the ingredients for a scat & fuck orgy of epic proportions that words fail to describe. Just sit back, relax and enjoy (…and watch out for the Sluts Wanted! flyer popping up in your area…

Emergency pain unable to get to toilet starring in video XGhost ($8.99 ScatShop) – Groups/Couples

Okay !

For this video we have to explain to you! There is some text at the beginning because the video was not planned.

He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and coming back from outside I really wanted to shit. I had to shit it! right now ! It was so painful to sell and my ass that it was difficult for her to walk.

Unable to surrender and sit on the toilet, I have to shit on the floor, I’m in too much pain. We have therefore added the text at the beginning to explain the scene. No planning for this video and I was in great pain and he as usual laughed at me: ((

It’s probably like his old lovers? Pfft. So he opens the door for me and starts filming asking what happens because yes, I’m just complaining!

A short, small but truthful video, at a low price: P for the pain I had, several 0’s will be missing at the end of the price!

Length: 3:08s
Resolution: 3840×2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

Sold By: : XGhost
Categories: Groups/Couples, Poop Videos

Mistress Poops in The Mouth Only! starring in video janet ($11.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

Hi, in this video i want to make a big shit. I want to shit directly in the mouth of my slave. And this is what i do. I really love that. To push my shit and feel the mouth of my slave taking the shit. But the first he has to lick my new stiletto strips with heel 20 cm. Then i spit in his mouth and filled it with my fresh shit. It’s a good day for slave, isn’t it?

Length: 8:49s
Resolution: 2560×1440
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

Sold By: : janet
Categories: Groups/Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Toilet Slavery