DADDYS Toilet Slave!! 3 COMPILATION starring in video AutumnYoung ($15.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery

1. My Kind Of FACIAL!!!! SHIT ON ME!!!!

My man shits on my face and I smear it all over my beautiful huge tits and juicy pussy. Then I shove the shit inside my yummy cunt and masturbate with a dildo and fuck the shit inside my cunt. I finish by cumming then licking and sucking the shitty dildo. YUMMY!!!!! I love being a toilet slave!


My man drops a huge load straight into my mouth like soft serve ice cream into a cone. I really take my time chewing and licking and eating this load. I take almost 2 minutes to savor this treat. I smear a little and also lick my hands and fingers enjoying myself.

3. Shit On Me Baby While I Shit

Starts out with a quick view of what I eat the day before and then right to the video of my man coming into the tub and shitting on my back while I shit into the tub at the same time. I then take the shit and play with it and smear and spread it all over my beautiful tits, pussy and body.

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I then start masturbating my shit smeared pussy and needing a little help to get over the edge and cum I grab a shampoo bottle and start fucking myself with it. I make myself cum hard and really made my pussy feel good!!

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