Disgusting Runny Poo In Pantyhose Loose Control starring in video MissAnja ($18.99 ScatShop) – Panty/Jean Pooping

I just put on my red nylon tights and desperate to shit so so badly. Feeling arrived like a runaway train. I couldn’t hold so long instead moaning a lot because hard to hold it back and it’s painful when I released. After little suffering I turn backward and pushing out without control a massive, stinky AF, and disgusting diarrhea. It’s just start leaking down there on my leg inside tights. I keep the backward pose for awhile and you have time to start jerking off to my disgusting shitty diarrhea. How badly you wanted to see this view? How long have you been waiting for I loose my control and shit myself? This is your lucky day. I get on my knees and in doggy keep teasing you with shit in my tights. Make it even more dirty and start talking about the stinky smells. I touch my shit outside of pantyhose and smearing more and more of my ass. OMG how smelly it is. Very bad diarrhea which is definitely make you happy and bring up quickly to cum. I talk dirty and encourage to jerk off and keep stroking to my tights. In doggy I remove half way the red pantyhose and start dildo my ass. Gaping, farting keep it swollen and pushing out even more mucoid shit. My shit full of veggies. Guess what I had a lot yesterday? Can you find out?
While I fucking my butt talking about dirty things and of my smelly shit and how much you love watching me loosing control and shit myself. How long can you hold your cum? Afterwards I just turn to missionary, legs up in the air and keep playing with shit hole. Smell my shitty tights and wet farts and when I count from 5 to 1 jerk off your dick. At the end I spoon some runny poo by my hands and show off you I able to see my last meal inside. Lovely and dirty am I right? Your fave milk chocolate ready to serve in my pantyhose Have fun. Lots of nasty diarrhea, sexy red nylon tights, anal dildo, wet stinky farts, dirty talk, foot view and more

Length: 16:17s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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