Efrolesbians – Laxative Spiked Revenge ($10.99 ScatShop)

This girl keeps fucking around with my husband. She is suppose to be my best friend! I invited her over to talk about this woman to woman. Yet, Hey I’m spiteful and a bit cruel, so I spiked her juice with some senokot laxatives, and they hit her so fast we can’t finish our argument, she begins cramping and complaining and begging to talk about this later. Mid argument she attempts to rush to the toilet, but see’s I have written CHEAT on her forehead, the wipe off takes to long and she craps her pants~ Hahaha!! Best revenge ever.


Special For You:  Scat Experience (newmfx.com) Carmem, Dayse, Karla, Latifa, Nana Volgue, Nikki, Lenita
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