Goddess Zephy – Cucky toilet ($28.99 YezzClips)

Today I have a VERY special present for my lil toilet cucky–I take a shit right on his loser face! It turns me on to completely degrade him in such a low way. I actually find it SO hot seeing my cucky bitch laying there helpless with my shit on his face. Then I touch some of it with my boot and wipe the dirty sole down his tongue, getting my shit in his mouth! This makes my pussy wet!! I tell dumbass that this turns me the hell on and I’m gonna go fuck my stud…and that he has to lay there with my shit on his face the whole time and think about me moaning in bed as I orgasm thinking about his humiliation! I return later in the day and use my human toilet’s face to rest my smelly after sex goddess feet on…with my shit STILL on his loser face lol! I tell him to just shut up and lick my feet while I relax and think about the incredible sex I just had. And just to prove what a total loser he is, I make him show me his shameful boner–proving that he gets off to being my human cucky toilet!! WHAT A PATHETIC LOSER!!!


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