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I haven’t had a really good shit in a week or so and the time has come! Ihad some fiber and coffee and that did the trick. I have been eating a ton of salad and had curry last night and it was the perfect storm. Remember the jolly green giant? Well I’m about to shit him out!

join you in the bathroom in mu usual spot hanging my sexy ass off the edge of the tub. I am very desperate for a shit. I try to do some ground hogging but it’s gotta come out. I push out a jolly green giant of a turd and it feels fucking AMAZING! It lights up the bathroom so bad too. I do some fishing and pull out a dirty finger for you. I show you the bathtub then show you as I cary the turds to the toilet and toss them in making a big mess. When I flush it leaves skids on the bowl. I let you say goodbuy to my shitty colon rose before signing off. Enjoy!

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