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First off, I explain the over eating of the weekend celebration, Then right in front of you I take a laxative. Next up, 7 trips to the toilet where I shoot water out of my ass all over my toilet over and over. It just wont stop. Beginning at about the 3rd trip I feel weak shaky really horrible. I am going down hard with this really bad bad idea to find away to rush horrible high fat grease salt and butter out of my system. Thought it was going to help, but it left me feeling like hell, aches pains and cramping, extreme cramping, not just low but all the way up my belly to my tits. It was horrible. I just drag you along into my bathroom, where I tear up my asshole with all the over wiping, the raw liquid shit sprays out my shit hole rather close up. I shoot shit as high up as the flusher handle the lid, the back and all over the bowl 7 different times. But the end I have learned a huge lesson, of letting nature take it’s course. Huge mistake. I end with a quick follow up about my final thoughts on the 12hr ordeal of liquid ass hell, and how I damn near fainted from a huge lack of hydration. 35 Minutes of shit after shit. Contains some farts, pee pee, whimpering, light complaints, hard sighs and some grunting.

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