MessyGirls – Annelise Needs To Be Dirty!

Annelise is a truly dirty girl with very dirty desires! Pooping her panties and making a mess is not just something she wants to do, it’s something she NEEDS to do! “I always knew it was wrong to want to mess myself, but I just couldn’t stop. Every time I did it was messier than the last, and I’d feel really guilty. I’d try to convince myself it was the last time. Then the desire to do it again would get stronger and stronger until I totally needed to do it. I’d think about it constantly, lying in bed touching myself and imagining the poop filling my panties and the sticky mess between my thighs. When it got like that I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist and I’d plan my next dirty game.” “Now I don’t even try to stop myself. I know I’m a filthy dirty girl, but I don’t care. I just need to feel that warm poop in my panties and then spread it out all over myself til I cum in the best way possible!” Annelise is lying on her bed asleep. She needed to poop even before she lay down, but wanted to make the most of that full feeling before actually doing it. She had the whole afternoon free, and had been planning this for a while. When she wakes up, the urge to go is strong and her pussy is already starting to get moist. She looks at herself in the bedroom mirror, admiring her sexy butt and cute white panties. And then she does it! Her little white panties quickly fill with a sticky smelly mess, bulging out and staining a dirty brown color. It feels so nice! She feels the poop bulge with her hand. It’s nice and round, a perfect smooth mound of poop! Her pussy is throbbing with anticipation of what’s to come. Then it’s over to her dresser to get her favorite dildo. The dresser has a big mirror, which is perfect for Annelise to be able to watch herself being dirty. “When I watch myself getting messier and messier, I often imagine I’m someone else. It turns me on to pretend I’m one of my girlfriends, and I’m looking at her wearing poop filled panties, and watching her cover herself in poop. I love thinking that she’s a dirty girl like me!” What follows is a very sexy and dirty scene, with Annelise fucking herself with her dildo and her fingers until she cums. Proving just what a dirty girl she really is, there is a very sexy moment after taking off her top where she spreads the poop from her panties to her perfectly rounded tits and over her hard nipple.

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Title: Annelise Needs To Be Dirty!
Cast: MessyGirls
Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Fisting, Solo, Dildo, Smearing
Duration: 00:16:49

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