Mistress Victoria her first shit EPIC FEEDING ($15.99 ScatShop)

Today Mistress Andreea called Mistress Victoria to her studio to humiliate her toilet. Mistress Victoria was about to expulse a nice diarrhea and she needed a rgood toilet to ingest all her diarrhea. Both ladies ordered her slave to laid on the floor and wait for the meal. First, Mistress Victoria poop in a bowl.
After finished the diarrhea, she allowed her toilet to lick her ass and clean her shit from her ass. She made the slave lick her anus and extract her remaining kaviar. Then she began to feed her slut with hand in mouth and chocking. She put on a latex glove and began to humiliate him and make him swallow everything he managed to extract from her divine ass! An epic movie, perfect for fans of the coerced eating genre.


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