ModelNatalya94 – Two dogs ($20.99 ScatShop)

Hello our dear fans and lovers of our creativity. Today is a happy day, I was able to find more of our videos, we were upset that we lost them, but today everything worked out and I’m very happy about it. I want to say right away that the videos were filmed earlier and now we are not filming together yet, but I think that you will be glad to see new films with our participation. In this video you will see Mrs. Olga and her two dogs Lolita and Yana. Olga took her dogs around the room on a leash, showed their asses and fucked them anally with rubber dildos. Then the dogs shit in the dog’s bowl and Mrs. Olga made them eat their shit from the bowl. Lolita and Yana resisted, refused to stick their heads in a bowl and eat shit. The lady loves her dogs, but she always wants her dogs to be dirty whores and do dirty things. These three sluts made a very extreme and hot video. You will be happy and will spend time together and have a lot of pleasure while watching. Have a nice view! After a while we will add our films to our store.

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