Nicolettaxxx – Dirty panties and diarrhea ($17.99 ScatShop)

This week I bought this complete (tank top and panties) because I wanted to make a dirty video of those that I like to do. I’m dressed with this lingerie and start recording … I immediately take off my panties and start to lick them … then I push them inside my pussy and inside my ass. I’m a doggy position and I show you my big perfect ass … Do you know that I ate some Mexican dishes the other day? I push and a violent diarrhea falls on my panties …. I push again and again … I cover them with hot diarrhea. It is nauseating! But I can do it! With a finger start to spread it on my cheek and on my lips as if it were a lipstick … Then I take the panties … I take off the lace mask so that you can see my eyes how much they are suffering! I start to lick them and then I put all the dirty panties in my mouth as if it were your cock! Do you want to come on my tongue? Then prepare yourself because it is really pestilential! From here I turn again and another jet of diarrhea falls on the panties and a sea of hot piss … I think it’s really a sexy extreme video!

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