Princess Anal Perfume GAS WARNING – Organic Princess Brooke (€29.99 YezzClips)

This clip contains ALOT OF FARTS! Princess Brooke starts this video by tying a TIGHT ROPE around Jimmy’s balls! She pulls it tight and them HOPS ONTO HIS FACE. You get to watch as she WHIPS AND HITS HIM over and over! All while making him breathe her asshole! The camera moves directly behind her as Brooke begins UNLEASHING FARTS! They are wet, loud, gross and she even spreads her cheeks letting a wet one loose right in the camera! Jimmy chokes and gags but she won’t let up! The end of the video, Brooke sits on Jimmy’s face and tries to play TUG OF WAR, making him block her shit with his tongue! spoiler alert… HE LOSES and she makes a mountain on his stupid face! If you enjoy FARTING, This is A MUST SEE VIDEO! (The original file was FORTY MINUTES LONG but got cut short sadly)

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