SamanthaStarfish – Stuffing My Face With Shit! ($12.99 ScatShop)

Watch this big, delicious load of shit slowly work its way out of my ass! You can see this big turd struggling to slide out of my hole. It pokes it’s head out and then goes back into my ass. It’s stretching my shithole open! Finally it bursts out of my ass! Mmm! What a sweet smelling, perfect shit! It looks so tasty and smells so good! I have to eat this shit!

It’s time to taste my poop! How can you look at this shit and not want to eat it! I need to taste it, lick it, suck on my sweet turds! I want to chew it all up and swallow it down! Tasting my shit turns me on so much! I love how wet my pussy is! Listen to me talk dirty to you as I eat as much shit as I possibly can! I eat so much shit! Watch me put turd after turd into my mouth and swallow them! It feels so good eating my shit and feeling it in my belly!
I pick up my big load and stuff it in my face! I’m so turned on! I need to rub my horny pussy! I need to masturbate with my mouth full of shit until I cum so hard! Mmm! Time to eat more shit! This is the most poop I’ve ever eaten in my life!

Special For You:  [unknown] Caught pooping my panties - Milly, Diana (

Watch me be a good shit eater and really enjoy myself with this perfect load of shit!

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