scatdesire – Take My Shit in Your Hands ($11.99 ScatShop)

Today I had my slave waiting impatiently while I was dressed in a blue dress. I told him to come inside and began to tease him with my beautiful feet, my gorgeous ass. You will see that I like to keep my toilet slut on the balcony. He is allowed to only see my butt releases everything from it, whenever I feel the need. So this morning, after drinking my coffee, I came on the balcony, told him to sit on the floor and released my chocolate on his mouth. Having the chance to see me releasing my scents is a sign on true devotion ! And because I wanted to play a humiliation game with him, I told him to stand up, in the balcony, with the shit on his hand, so that someone might see how he become my ultimate true devoted toilet slave!

Special For You:  Street & Panty Kaviar #8 (2007/DVDRip) Premium