Shit By Shit In Public Toilet And Home starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($11.99 ScatShop) – Pee

It’s so unusual take a shit in public toilet. Constantly someone goes in and out, knocking doors, the noise of pouring urine from neighboring booths, farts and strange sounds. All this is doesn’t let relax and take a shit. But still, I like to film myself quietly taking a shit in public toilets. I like hidden voyeurism. And I want to somehow get a slave in toilet like this and shit in his mouth so that he eats my shit, for him it will be surprise and hopeless situation, he will eat everything. And at home, uum… it’s so great take a shit at home. In my favorite position, upside down and just on the couch, so that the shit comes out freely and falls right on the floor. I like it so much and it excites me. I love to shit without restrictions, where I want and how I want

Length: 6:39s
Resolution: 1280×720
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