BrooklynsBottom – Eat My Poop and Dirty Ass (€22.99 YezziClips)

This is such a special Toilet POV video for me because I don’t get the time to film these so often. Pooping is such a intimate and private act, especially for women. So it makes it extra special for me to film a Toilet POV video for all you men out there and film it in a first person perspective.

I let you experience exactly what my toilets here in “House Tempest” experience on a daily basis. I start by looking down at you through the opening of the toilet chair and talking to you. Telling you about the last meals I’ve eaten.

Special For You:  12 turds 4 slave (Thefartbabes)

You get to see my amazing ass when I slowly sit down on the opening above your face and you get to see my perfect pussy and ass in full view. I keep talking to you down there, encouraging you to smell and then lick my asshole for me because good toilets are willing to work for their feedings.

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