Fetidistrojp – The Deal with Teacher! ($13.99 ScatShop)

This schoolgirl has been a problem for this professor ever since the start, always being a nuisance to the class! Though, he now has the upper hand! It is the end of the year and she has failed his subject, and so she is left with no choice but to beg for him to give her a chance! Seeing how desperate she is, he offers her a deal: he makes her sit on top of a table, take off her panties, and urinate! Without wasting any time, she obliges and before long, she completely relieves herself! However, the guy isn’t finished just yet! He proceeds to finger her asshole and orders her to defecate on the ground as well! Eventually, he pulls out his fingers and she is left releasing one stream of poop after another! When she is convinced that she could no longer release anymore, she pulls her panties up, but then, she experiences the urge for an explosive diarrhea, consequently filling up her underwear with feces!

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