goddessemmalove – Shit O’ The Day 3 – Classy Assy ($8.99 ScatShop)

3rd installment of the Shit O’ the Day series is here!! I’ve just arrived home from some afternoon errands and shopping, dolled up and looking super sassy sexy in my tube dress and guess what – I gotta go! I had the urge to go much earlier in the day but was busy and held it and I guess I did a little too well of a job holding it because the urge didn’t come back until hours later at the end of my shopping trip. For me that leads to some fat, thick, and difficult to push out turds. I was straining so hard over and over to get it out hehe. The poop was not only thick but very dense – big plops hehe. I talk about what I ate the day before and some of my bowel habits while I am pushing. Wiped up once I was finally done with my asshole workout. Course I show you the full bowl in the end and the dirty wipings 🙂

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