ModelNatalya94 – Maid eats shit on the floor ($16.99 ScatShop)

Today Olga invites you to a room in a hotel. Olga is a maid and invites you to watch her work. You can watch your favorite maid work. Olga is sitting on the couch, she calls you with her and starts cleaning. Olga dusts, moves around the room with a naked ass and shows you her big ass. Then Olga pees and poops on the floor. Then Olga kneels down and sniffs warm shit. She starts to eat small portions of shit from the floor. She kneels like a dog and eats her own shit. Olga walks around the room on all fours and eats shit. Thus, Olga ate completely all her shit on the floor and can continue her work as a maid further. You will see all this and enjoy it by imagining that you are a guest of this hotel.

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