PrincessMonica – Disturbed ($14.99 ScatShop)

Custom Order: “You just finished another hit, you are still at your target house as you hided the body and are about to leave when you got the need to take a shit, it can’t wait so you have to take a dump before leave the place, a bit risky but you have no choice, so you go to his bathroom, wearing a short little skirt and a cute tank top, wanting to destroy his toilet. You take down your thong and plop your big and perfect behind on the seat, make yourself comfy, find a magazine, perfect, so you can pass the time while sitting. You start to piss a lot first, so relieving and start to push while reading. A couple minute later, as you are sitting peacefully on your victim toilet as pushing, you hear some noises, somebody is here, this wasn’t scheduled, you need to hide in there, hoping he won’t find you but the turtle is already pointing out of your ass as it splash in the bowl and you let out a sigh of relief, but immediately cover your month with your hand, noticing your mistake and cursing to yourself in whisper, but it feel so good. You stay seated silently, hoping he will leave, in worst you can kill him but you are in a embarrassing position right now, you try to hear from your seat and few time later you hear the front door again, it seems like he is gone. You sigh in relief, it was close, but you can’t leave right now you need to be sure he is gone so you stay seated a bit more, that’s good because you are not finished so you push more out, struggling a bit because that event stressed you a bit “come on get the fuck out” you whisper until it finally splash down. Now you are finished so you wipe fastly and put back your thong fastly too, leaving without flushing because of the noises, in case he is here and prepare to leave slowly, unnoticed, hoping that nobody is around anymore as the video end.”

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