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My home swing, with a hole for the ass is a cool thing. My slave girl gladly climbed into the wooden seat. Her juicy shit came out of her beautiful ass and fell to the floor. She was happy, swaying and shitting. After that, it was our turn. And my husband and I used this unusual device. Next time I’ll make a slave lie down under a hole and catch shit with his mouth, and if he can’t handle it and doesn’t catch it, not eat. Well, then, my strap on deep go down his ass
1. Sweet juicy shit from slavegirl on swings
All of us in childhood liked to ride the swings. My slave girl was delighted with my home swing, with a hole for the ass. She light climbed into the wooden seat and took the opportunity to take a shit. Her light, soft, juicy shit came out of her beautiful ass, it twisted in the air, stretched, and fell to the floor. She liked it so much, only she complained: “Pity that now there is no toilet slave who would eat my sweet, juicy, fragrant shit”. Nothing wrong I’ll fix it next time.
2. Large shitting on hanging toilet seat
I have a new device, a hanging toilet seat. And today I decided to try it. Shit falls out of me in large chunks. How nice, how comfortable to sit on the swinging toilet. I took a good shit. Huge shit came out of my ass. Now I often d shit slaves in his mouth precisely so. Let them crawl under my ass and catch the stinking shit in their mouths

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