SL-456 – Emergency situations and insane urinations of the office ladies Pt 6

Office ladies who work in a places with few toilets are always troubled by it. There is a good chance that the toilet always is in use. They are waiting in front of the toilet as usual, but what do they do when they exceed the limit of patience? Volume 6 of this series contains the insane and extreme urinating appearance that can never be seen. Not only women who pee in front of the toilet or in the hot water supply room [cups and company equipment], but also urinating into the personal belongings of customers and visitors. What was particularly surprising was that at a company drinking party, there was a woman who released a large amount of urine that she put up with, in her senior’s cup! Please take a look at this work, which contains a large number of urinating figures that cannot be considered by common sense.

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Release Year: 2021
Video language: Japanese
Genre: Jav Scat, Piss Jav, Jav Solo Scat, Big shit Jav, Panty Jav, Outdoor Shit, Dildo Anal Scat Jav, Smearing Scat jav


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