Stinky Booty Facesitting And WRAPPED Faceshitting – Organic Princess Brooke (€39.99 YezzClips)

This is Brookes MOST EXTREME VIDEO TO DATE. The video begins with Brooke TEASING YOU and FACESITTING you in POV. She has not showered yet and JUST FINISHED HER WORKOUT! you even get the honor of seeing her STINKY BARE ASSHOLE. The second half of the video, Brooke lays HER BIGGEST SHIT TO DATE, onto Jimmy’s face and then WRAPS HIM IN SARAN WRAP! The shit is munched into his mouth nose and anywhere else it can find! Brooke is not satisfied though… SHE STOMPS ON JIMMY’S HEAD, mashing the feces in with her stinky toes! The custom video request pushed Jimmy to the limit and he almost did not make it! DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO!

Special For You:  Janet – Explosive Diarrhea In Snickers Leggings Premium