Face chair and pee starring in video Lady Scarlet ($9.99 ScatShop) – Pee

I approach the slave in a sensual way, wearing a fiery red body that highlights all my shapes and that is open in the private parts. Stroking my ass I tell him that today he will have the privilege of worshiping him. Using a particular chair, I use his face as an ass rest and slam my divine source in his face without giving him a chance to lick. A pleasure mixed with suffering! After several “breath away” facesittings, I water him with my golden shower and he drinks until I plug his mouth sitting on him.


Mi avvicino allo schiavo in modo sensuale, indossando un body rosso fuoco che mette in risalto tutte le mie forme e che è aperto nelle parti intime. Accarezzandomi il culo gli dico che oggi avrà il privilegio di adorarlo. Utilizzando una particolare sedia, uso la sua faccia come poggia culo e gli sbatto in faccia la mia fonte divina senza dargli da possibilità di leccare. Un piacere misto a tortura! Dopo svariati facesitting togli respiro, lo annaffio con la mia pioggia dorata e lui beve, fino a quando non gli tappo la bocca sedendomi su di lui.

Length: 7:00s
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Step By Step Instructions On Appreciating my Shit POV starring in video efrolesbians ($11.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

Time to prove your loyalty to your shit goddess, I of course torment you making you virtually beg for my asshole to be above you. I force you further and further down, so I can drop my shit load right in your face. Then I make you lick it… thick wet and warm shit pile. That is NOT good enough slave, dive into it, get your nose in there. Watch my face as you enjoy my treat. I order you to open up now, gobble it up. Open wide. We spend a good back and forth session making you savor my dark shiny batch of shit.

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Nasty toilet time! starring in video Princess-Cheryl ($7.99 ScatShop) – Toilet Slavery


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ULTRA HOT Dirty SCAT bathroom masturbation starring in video DirtyBetty ($23.99 ScatShop) – Pee

A new hot video, dirty masturbation of my wet pussy, shit in my pants, a giant pile of shit, smearing shit through my face and playing with my shit in my mouth!) I know you like to spy on me, so I chose the bathroom, because only here you can calmly watch as I take a shower and play with my fragrant heaps of shit … just quieter .. I can hear that you spy on and punish you ..
for example, what if I sit on your face and let ALL get my chocolate in your mouth?))
I hope you like, also do not forget you can order my video with your wishes, or buy my dirty underwear)) write to me in private messages!)

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Scatisfaction deep throat scatslut starring in video Lizzy Dirt ($18.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

A few days ago I put away a rack and then discovered this place for my fantasies. So I set it up so that I could really soak myself
To heat me up I start the game with a glass in which I let my piss splash to let it run down drooling on my body, so that my plump tits shine in the light and my nipples become quite hard with horniness.
Getting hornier and hornier I start with my “shit game” and can devote myself more and more to my filthiness. In between I feel so comfortable in front of the camera that I can really switch off and my first video is created, where I came with the shit dildo in the ass so right.
Because my pink giant dildo is much too big, but I want to become a deep throat goddess, I bought a new dildo. I lubricate him full with my shit and then push him further and further, very deep into my throat.
This is of course not everything, but if I would reveal everything now, it would be boring.
What I can tell you but; You can look forward to extreme shit fuck Deep throat.I will lubricate me completely, many ass fuck scenes and fuck shit back in the ass and drink piss AND my first orgasm in front of the cam! that’s it with my virginity xD
so enjoy the show
Your Lizzy D.

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2 HUGE Heavyweight Shits! starring in video Sophia_Sprinkle ($19.99 ScatShop) – Desperation

Better together (+discounted)!

In this mini-comp, you get the best of both worlds with two desperate dumps: one into shiny leggings of black, and the next into form-fitting leggings of smooth matte white.

Both pair struggle to accommodate the hefty loads left by Sexy Sophia, even seeping down the pant legs!!

(White legging video has a mini bonus-dump onto the floor!)

Her curiosity got the better of her and she weighed these bad boys; watch the video to find out what they clocked in at!!

Shot in 4K; featuring 15+ minutes(!!) of previously unseen footage.

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