Ebony ass on fire starring in video AmySinclair ($9.99 ScatShop)

Fingering my ass and playing with my shit is getting much more interesting than I expected… watch me shitting and fingering my ass

Length: 2:45s
Resolution: 3840×2160
Download Format: mp4
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Confessions Of A Real Life Bedwetter starring in video Amy ($50 Hightide-Video)

22 year old Amy is without a doubt one of the wildest, most passionate girls we have ever worked with. A unique pee lover by nature, this beauty loves watersports since her first “accident”, one of her many revelations during her charming naration of this 90 minute Hightide Special. Amy wets herself while hoovering, doing the dishes and pisses her bed several times which is just the prelude for some incredible, raunchy scenes to follow. And she will show you a lot more naughty things a wet girl can do with her bladder when she feels like letting the juices flow. She pisses, is pissed on and loves every dripping, soaking second of it!


Hot Piss Girls starring in video Amy, Penny ($40 Hightide-Video)

Delicious Amy pisses her knickers in the bed with teenygirl Penny watching. When Amy starts a hot solo masturbation Penny couldn’t help but join the action. The horny girls lick each other – passion running wild. A messy pissing scene with both girls soaking each other and the bed will leave you baffled. Join Penny as she pisses in her jeans, on a sofa and on the carpet.
Watch her naughty expressions as we closely examine the yellow strains on her clothes and the sheets. Amy pisses the brown leathercouch and soaks her knickers to our delight. You like drops of pee in thick public hair? Then you’ll squirm in delight when Amy pisses her pantyhose and knickers on an armchair. The final scene with Penny is so outrageous, we won’t reveal too much here. See for yourself. If somebody might wonder – we did not ask her to do this, but we LOVED it nevertheless…


Hightide Special – Sweet & Salty starring in video Violet Storm, Debbie & Amy ($50 Hightide-Video)

Amy, famous for her outragous, pissy escapades, was intrigued by the idea of combining food sploshing with naughty piss sex. She wanted to give it a try, selected two girls she really fancied—Violet and Debbie—and we went shopping and got carts full of sweet surprises for the trio. Originally conceived as an episode for Amy’s Pissing Phantasies, all three girls enjoyed the messy action so much we decided to dedicate an entire video to their sticky adventures. They just couldn’t stop and got into the action so much, we totally underestimated the situation. Soon we found ourselves in a studio that needed complete redecoration. Cream, pudding and liters of piss splashed against our walls and ceiling. The floor was covered with the kinky mix. The girls had the time of their lifes sitting in a urine filled pool, mixing their salty juices with sweet deserts, covering themselves with it and tasting the unusual combination. The action in this one is really wild and outragous. The wetter and messier they got, the more all three were turned on. Amy even made Violet stick a fist up her cunt, something she’s never tried before and it certainly didn’t require any lube. Sweet & Salty, a combination that is truly unique.

Format: MP4
Duration: 55 Min
Size: 1525 Mb
Resolution: 688×528


Amy and Sharon – Amy’s Pissing Phantasies 6 (Pissing Girls)

Amy and Sharon – Amy’s Pissing Phantasies 6

Amy and Sharon - Amy's Pissing Phantasies 6

Amy is back and you bet she has something special for you to make up for the long waiting period. With her gorgeous friend Jamie she welcomes traveling saleswoman Sharon to take a peek at the latest collection of lingery and steamy sex toys. Of course, the afternoon soon turns into a different type of showcase as the girls treat Sharon to a glass of “home made ” champagne. We especially love the episode with Amy wearing a foxy Union Jack bikini/stocking combination. Who said the British are dry? Volume 6 is one of Amy’s wildest adventures, a 90 minute non-stop urine excess giving her every possible opportunity to let her bladder loose. Mouth pissing, piss drinking, soaked panty sucking, strap ons and again… piss, piss, piss. Her fans had to wait a while for her to return… but it’s been worth the wait, nobody will stay dry!

STARRING : Amy and Sharon

GENRES : Peeing, Girls on Girl Piss, Pissing, Pee, Girls Peeing, Only Girls, Piss OFF

LENGHT : 1 Hour 29 Minutes 11 Seconds

SIZE : 675,9 Mb



Taste it Amy – Full Edition with Amy and Lucy

Taste it Amy

Taste it Amy

This project was the final chapter of my great collaboration with the czech filmmaker R. and his WD Girls Team. The result was another stunning & intense outdoor project with the two hot girls Amy & Lucy. They celebrated the special form of a DF game with shots and show you some perfect bottle drinking. Especially the cute Amy went over her limit and she was totally wasted & passed out. The right foundation to put some great effects on film so it should be usually a must go for all true DF lovers.