ModelNatalya94 – Dirty Slut Carolina

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Good morning dear! I missed you a lot, I hope you do the same? Do you want to have dirty sex aa with me? So let’s get started, get your cock out and do it together. And to make it more fun for us, I aaaa invited my friends Yana and Alice to be present and add their dirty shit and urine for me and our pleasure. I am lying on the couch waiting for my friends and when they came, we started our dirty game. I took my aaa rubber penis and fucked myself in the ass, then Alice gave a shit and pissed on my pussy and clitoris and I continued to masturbate, her shit got inside me along with my penis. I could not resist and also released a fountain of golden urine. Then Yana shit at me the same way. It was very hot and exciting. I got several aa orgasms during this shoot) I hope you also had an orgasm, my dear friend?

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ModelNatalya94 – Shit in white bikinis

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Hello to our fans and guests of our store. We know that many people love our videos and are aa waiting for them to reappear) Today in this video you will see our dirty white panties. We will only shit a in white panties. You will see them fill with our shit and our urine. In the video Ian, Caroline and Alice. All three of us take turns filling our panties with poop and then smelling this smell. It’s bad that we aa cannot convey this smell through the camera, but it is divine))) you probably already imagine how this aaa smell would fill your room and your penis rises from it. So let’s not hold back, do it, have fun with us! a Happy viewing! With love, yours, Yana, Carolina and Alice!

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ModelNatalya94 – Alice at the doctor’s office Carolina

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Carolina invited her friend Alice for an examination, Carolina put on a doctor’s robe and asked Alice to undress, Alice undressed and Carolina began to examine Alice, Carolina inserts Alice in the ass sticks and takes swabs , pushes Alice’s pussy with a gynecological mirror, makes the patient shit and piss, and takes urine tests and shit as well as Fucks the patient Alice with a rubber member in the ass and also shits and pisses on Alice and smears her own shit on the patient’s body…

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ModelNatalya94 – Three girls shit and piss in pantyhose

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Three girls Alice, Caroline, and Jana shitting and pissing in tights, first the girls take turns filming each other and pantyhose, caress and tongue each other’s anus, then put the tights back on his ass, and shit and piss in pantyhose, legs of girls dripping urine, and very well shows how out of girls ass shit comes out and turns into a cake, then the girls take turns filming each other and pantyhose full of shit and show you their dirty Asses and shit in pantyhose. Yes, Alice, Caroline and Jan love to shit and piss for you they like what you are watching as the girls caress each other and fuck of course play with her by shit…

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ModelNatalya94 – Enema Alice in the mouth [22 of June 2018]

ModelNatalya94 - Enema Alice in the mouth [22 of June 2018] Image 1

ModelNatalya94 - Enema Alice in the mouth [22 of June 2018] Image 2

ModelNatalya94 - Enema Alice in the mouth [22 of June 2018] Image 3

Alice, Caroline and Marina decided to make you a show with enemas, Alice likes when girls jet of water from his ass into her mouth , at the beginning of the video the girls show you their bodies, after the demonstration, Marina and Carolina stand cancer and Alice in turn fills the ass of their friends water and then Alice fills your mouth to the Marina with Caroline filled her mouth dirty shit water, Alice several times in a row fills the ass of Carolina and Marina with water and girls shoot dirty water in the mouth and on the body of Alice, two gorgeous ass shoot for you, dirty water, a little girl Alice with gorgeous Breasts takes dirty shots in her mouth and on her body…

Starring: Marina, Alice, Caroline –  – (ModelNatalya94)

Release Date: 22 of June 2018