DirtyBetty – Lets see how can curl up to CRAP (€15.99 YezzClips)

New ultra hot video) With the most vulgar and crazy content!) piss on himself, shit awesome liquid shit (laxative) in position upside down, smeared all along the ass and the face (and also taste) and many more!) Want to get a great, small, super sexy video? So what are you waiting for? Great price, and a full optimization with all smartphones complement your purchase)


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Shorts Are in Liquid Sshit Again (€11.99 YezzClips)

Good night to all my fans. Today I want to show you my dirty and wet pink shorts. I came from the neighbors and I really wanted to use the toilet. When I got home, I didn’t go further than the corridor. I was in stockings and shoes and I couldn’t hold myself back. With my back to the camera, I released a stream of liquid shit from my ass, and I felt the shit running down my legs and it was warm and liquid. I showed you my feet in shit and my dirty ass. She took off her shorts and posed with a dirty ass, revealing her dirty anus. You will see my shit this day. It was liquid and very smelly for some reason that day) I give you a few minutes of unforgettable pleasure. Enjoy watching! With love to you Olga!


Cleaning my Shitty Anal Beads starring in video NadiaCream ($7.99 ScatShop) – Poop Videos

After having my anal bead in for a few hours, I decide to clean my shit off of them. My mouth is salivating from the smell and look of the clumps of shit on my beads. I make sure to clean all my ass juice and scat off my beads.

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Lady shit, front view starring in video Markovna ($13.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Aug. 26, 2021) – Poop Videos

2 videos were filmed on the same day. In the first video, I poop twice (front view). But this was not enough for me. That evening I pooped again and shit a big pile of shit (back view).

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Angelas Filthy Mouth – Magic Booty Treat Mix (€15.99 YezzClips)

How long will two perfect idiots last with our feet stuck in their throats before showing real retching? My beautiful friend says that probably a couple of minutes will be more than enough I say instead that the retching will come much, much sooner. But first you have to break his mouth directly with the tip of our shoes so as to dislocate the jaws and immediately have an easy access without any resistance. throat immediately. My friend’s slave seems to have more resistance, but after 3 strong attempts, his mouth also gives way completely. Now we can have fun fucking these fucking mouths. With more and more direct and deep lunges I feel that his mouth widens more and more and when the retching begins to become more and more numerous, resisting becomes completely impossible and here a gush of vomit splashes on the ground ready to be cleaned up to the last straw … Because that’s exactly what my friend and I have in mind. Will these two worms be able to face such extreme foot gagging? It will be better for them or they will suffer a punishment that they will remember for a lifetime !!!


Stinky In Pink + The Failure – Organic Princess Brooke (€54.99 YezzClips)

The video begins with Princess Brooke giving Jimmy his Valentine’s day TREAT! She fills THREE cupcakes with shit and then CRUSHES then on Jimmy’s face! Stuffing them into his mouth! Jimmy gags and chokes so hard! Then she orders him to kneel in her feces as she showers in the background! Then Princess Brooke Cooks a BIG VEGAN MEAL FOR HERSELF, all while her slave starves upstairs! When she is done, she SITS DOWN ON HIS THROAT and begins eating, slowly, casually, enjoying herself. As she slowly finishes her food, she begins to feel GASSY so she strips down and prepares to inject the farts right up her slave’s nose! The farts are LONG WET GREASY AND VERY AUDIBLE, Jimmy is screaming for her to stop! The video ends with Brooke LAYING A MOUNTAIN on Jimmy’s face and STUFFING HIM once more! This may be the biggest poop she has taken to date! (we have had BIG PROBLEMS with people sharing and posting our content on share sites! Please! IF THIS CONTINUES we will not be able to keep creating such great content! Don’t ruin the fun for everyone because this is just the beginning! there are BIG THINGS COMING!)