BDSMangel – Swimsuit POOP – Thick, MUSHY load ($12.99 ScatShop)

A requested clip for Me to poop a MASSIVE load into these custom bought one piece swimsuit. I show off my body in the swimsuit and then squat to fillll up my swimsuit which holds a fair amount!
Then I get my wand out to start humping it and cum Because i pee in the swimsuit too its verrryy mushy and shown at the end. Kinda like a cow pat hah.

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BDSMangel – Pee in Jug & Poop CLOSE up ($14.99 ScatShop)

An AWESOME close up of my ass and hole while i let this lumpy load drop. This was a request to do a little tease in my lingerie and then show my ass to the cam nicely so you can really see the load come out.
It looks awesome and its a good view for you to jerk off to. I talk a little, then pee in the jug then set myself up to poo, once I have pooped im so horny I get my toy out and come. Lastly I shoe my ass hole niceeeee and close for you to cum.

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MissAnja – Runny Poo Down On My Leg ($17.99 ScatShop)

I walk into the bathroom and wearing my casual jeans short and top. Nice and slow strip off remove every pieces of my clothes and teasing you by naked body. I tell you that I need to poo it’s never been a secret. Good girls shits every day but the thing is I didn’t poo yet. It’s wrong. I wanna expel a big poo but it doesn’t come. It’s a shame. I wanna fuck out a big poo out of my ass. I need help so I just grab a glass toy and asking you to help me. I talk dirty and sexy of need to poo.
My poo it’s stuck need to help out. I insert the toy fast to my ass and while talking dirty I fuck my little hole in great view. This time I wasn’t gentle with my poo hole I fuck it hard. Well I’ve been right look at that. After few minutes fucking a nasty runny shit running down on my legs and it’s just still coming out. What a lucky girl I am today 😀 I knew the solutions is just some anal to get it out. Stinky runny poo pouring out of my ass and just keep coming and coming. Seductive moments for your eyes and I can’t stop playing. Dirty, filthy just way how you really hungry for. I know the key how you going to cum for me, I know the secret key. I love how you’re starring on my shitty ass this is the real pleasure. Smell my ass and you can cum for me. This dirty view drive you crazy no doubt. Let’s cum right now 😀 I bend over before the end and touching my poo by fingers it’s just super creamy and huge.
In this video you will get lot of nasty diarrhea, anal play, dirty talk, seduction, shitty asshole and some farts. 🙂

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Sexy Lumpy Diarrhea And Farts In High Heels ($17.99 ScatShop)

My outfit is a sexy fake leather miniskirt, strappy black bra and black pump heels. Under my skirt I wear a see through tiny thong. I feel myself sexy to wear all these on but besides seriously suffering from cramps in stomach. Struggle to poo so badly but just for awhile at the beginning I hold it and tell you no way to hold it longer. Although I give some time to myself for teasing you present, heels on and upskirt, reveal my tiny black thong.
But I don’t have more time I remove sexy my panty leave the skirts on and in focused high-heels view release a runny diarrhea by farts. Big pile of nasty shit right? Well if all these wouldn’t be enough for you I make you hard even more like before I almost poo myself in my hot outfit. I talk about my beautiful pump shoes and asking you to sniff my pretty dirty asshole. I guess it’s an easy job. I insert a glass dildo straightly and moaning of how tight I am down there. I also arouse you about talk how stinky and big my shit under me and I wish you could be here to enjoy with me. But as isn’t possible you just keep jerking your hard dick and I keep talking of my huge pile of poo and fucking my little bum. The view it’s seduce you by itself and when I ask you to sniff my farting ass you wanna throbbing me right? Don’t hold it back, I know you can cum to my pretty poopy ass as many times you want and smell my stinky wet farts drive you crazy time to time. I think you’re ready to play and cum for your naughty girl. At the end I say goodbye with a wet noisy farts. Have fun

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MissAnja – Shitty Birthday Ass ($19.99 ScatShop)

I desperate from the beginning I did the first step to the shower. I wanna take a quick shower but suffering to poo at same time. I love take nice cool shower but this time the only thing I want release a huge poo right away. I wait and desperation until I can hold it and not loosing my control. Quickly soap my naked body clean myself and after few minutes standing turn around and backward pushing out a massive brown shit. OMG!! Incredible and it’s a real monster on the floor. Well I made the decision I rewards myself with a chocolate cake ass. I pick up a nice amount of poo and start smearing and making my own Chocolate birthday cake on my ass. Smear it all over bending over, fingering my pretty asshole, and keep playing and make myself so dirty as a present. I talk sexy to you and you definitely wanna taste my cake right? 🙂 After nice, stinky fun I wash my shit off clean my body down there where have been so dirty and flash my lovely asshole once again this time cleaned 🙂 Have fun

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