Enema and I shit a lot on the slave starring in video girlsscatandpiss | March 30, 2022 ($12.99 ScatShop)

I am a very naughty mistress,
With my slave, white, it’s my toilet, my defilement
He must administer the enema to me, it is a product that will clean my skin well.
Gut and squeeze out a lot of good smelly greasy shit
He puts a finger in my asshole, and he pushes the pear
I feel the liquid entered me hummmmmmmm
I want to shit, I reject the big enema, there is a lot of shit
This asshole gets in the eyes hihihihi…
he turns his head, I’m going to train him, this filthy pig; there is a lot of poo
he’s soiled with my shit, it stinks, it’s greasy, he likes the smell of this pig, he’s going to enjoy it
the slave shoves a finger my get me out of the poo
I fart a lot, the slave likes when it stinks, hihihhihihihi
this pig sniffs my big buttocks, he likes it when it stinks hehehe
I start spreading my shit on his body, the slave masturbates
He likes my good stinky shit, he treats this pig
mistress also smears my cock and balls, and jerks me off with
this pig he is very excited, I coat that cock well I masturbate him … hummmm
I force him to smell my poo, I coat his face, the pig gets hard
he likes to have good shit on his face and nostrils, I oblige him
to sniff my soiled fingers, this pig want a lot of shit on it mouth
I coat that face well with my shit, I smear it, he likes it
his face with the mask is all brown, he is ridiculous and dirty hehehe
it’s really my dirt, my old pig and ugly, he masturbates thoroughly
he is more and more excited, I massage it well, more and more good shit
he can’t breathe anymore, he opens his mouth, I smear his lips, he’s really a pig
he loves having a mouth massage, and he enjoys this toilet hard
you who watch this video think it’s you
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