Scheißende Teenies 3 (1990 with Anita Feller)

Scheißende Teenies 3

StarringAnita Feller and others

Genres: Scat, Fisting, Enema, Squirting

Release Year: 1990

Country: Germany

Duration: 00:57:41

Anita Feller is the actress with the hardest porns ever made in germany. She started in the early boths with scenes that never been seen before, like anal fisting and kaviar games. Here is one of them, called “SCHEISSENDE TEENIES 3”.

The movie starts with Anita on a gyno-chair fingering her pussy. Then comes a girl sucks her cunt and gives Anita an enema. She squirts the water out and after this she get an anal fistfuck till she comes.

In the second scene we see how Anita gives the girl an enema with a champangner bottle and sucks the fluid directly from the girls asshole. After this Anita pisses in the girls mouth.

The third scene starts with a man on a gyno chair, who is ass fucked by Anita with a strap-on and after this he sucks Anita`s pussy.

In the fourth scene Anita pisses on a man in a shower cabin, makes herself an enema with the shower and squirts the shit in the man`s face and over his body. She smears the kaviar over her titts and the man sucks her dirty asshole. In the end he cums over her face and titts.

Finally we see an older lady who pisses Anita in the mouth.