Diaper & Condom – Anna Coprofield (FullHD-1080p)

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First, you’d have to same some shit beforehand to put in a condom and use it in the scene. The scene starts with you in a nice dress, maybe like the one in your dinner movie. You have a thick diaper with and a glass to piss in. Thats what you do first, pissing in the glass telling me that you are so horny to drink it. After it is filled, you sit on the open diaper and play with your pussy. Then you take the shitfilled condom and stick it inside your pussy and leave it there. Then you tape the diaper and start drinking your pee telling me how naughty and dirty all this feels, maybe also rubbing your pussy through the diaper. Then you shit in your diaper and show me how sexy you look in your dress and your dirty diaper. Since you want to get more dirty you sit down in your diaper squishing the mess around all this while the condom is stil inside your pussy. You get wild and your hand goes inside your diaper to rub your clit and take a handfull of shit to rub it on you and on the outside of the diaper. You get up to show me that you are a very dirty lady, then you sit back down to open the diaper playing with your self. Being so horny you want the feeling of a cock in your mouth and take the shitfilled condom out of your pussy and suck it while you are sitting in your dirty open diaper rubbing yourself. As you get close to cumming you retape the diaper and keep masturbating in your mess and with the condom in your mouth till you climax. If you want to even take it bit further you can try to suck on the condom and a dildo at the same time and empty the condom in your mouth/on your face towards the end.

STARRING : Anna Coprofield

GENRES : Diapers, Poop, Scat Solo, Posing, Shitting, Scat Play, Self Filmed, Home Maded

FULL HD 1080p