JosslynKane – A gift for my pervert room mate ($12.99 ScatShop)

My room mate keeps sneaking into my bedroom to smell my worn panties. So I need to teach him a lesson so when is goes out for holidays i record the next video and i send it along with 2 pairs off dirty panties.
In the video i explain to him what will happen next, that he will be my full time slave and he will smell my pussy and my cum for the rest of his life, but my pussy is not the only smell whitch will remember for the rest of his life. So i send the panties to him to get used still is coming home! Enjoy!.

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JosslynKane – A pervert nun ($8.99 ScatShop)

I’m excited to play with my toys! Watch me as an innocent nun that turns bad… I want to break all the rules in the worse kind of way and I want you to watch it…
I bend over showing you my ass… Mmmm you like that… let’s break this rule… piss and shit on toy dick…

The post JosslynKane – A pervert nun ($8.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Smearing for my work colleague starring in video JosslynKane

Custom video request: You’re a sexy businesswoman (white button down blouse, pencil skirt, stockings, high heels), and you’re taking a break from work with me in the break room. You’ve had a crush on me since you started working here, but now that we’re alone in the break room, you finally let me know. Your nervousness makes you have to poop though, but you don’t poop yet (if you can fart a bit here, that would be great, but I know it can be hard to fart on command, especially when holding in a shit). You get really embarrassed about having to poop after you finally admitted to me that you like me, but I assure you it’s okay, and I’d kind of like to see it. You’re a bit weirded out that I want to see this, but you have to poop so bad, you don’t care, as long as you poop. After you poop though, the embarrassment sets in a bit more. I say it’s okay if you want to play with it; at first you’re apprehensive because it’s gross, you’re in your work clothes, and you’re embarrassed doing it in front of your crush, but eventually you start rubbing it on your body. At first, I’d like to see you keep your blouse on, and just get a little bit of poop on it accidentally (maybe your poopy hands accidentally brush across it a couple times; I want you to save enough shit to cover as much of your body as possible…if you take a really huge load, feel free to get more on your blouse). Eventually you decide to take it off, and I encourage you to smear it up to your tits, and finally on your face. Whenever you smear it on a new part of your body, you’re apprehensive at first, but get into it once you start rubbing it in. I ask you how it tastes and you taste some from your fingers apprehensively (if you’re okay with doing that). I really want to see it on your pussy, tits, and face, and then whatever else depending on how much is left. If you have to poop again any time in the middle of smearing, I’d like to see you poop directly into your hands and smear it right on. At the end, you realize/talk about how there’s no way you can go back to work covered in shit, but you’re happy that you finally told me your feelings. You ask me on a date while covered in shit, and I say yes. You’re excited, and say you have to find a way to sneak out of the office while covered in shit so that you can go home and clean up for our date, and the video ends.

Format: MP4
Duration: 23 Min
Size: 1675 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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WonderWoman is a DirtyWoman starring in video JosslynKane

WonderWoman is a DirtyWoman for sure:D If you want to see it in action this is the right video, the dirties video ever. I do smearing all over my body and my face, Wonder Woman wants to be all dirty and smelly, I play with some beads, i taste them, i play with a buttplug and i fuck my ass with my glass dildo, making my ass explode with some fresh liquid diarrhea. MMM this is so good and i had a lot of fun doing it! Enjoy u too!

Format: MP4
Duration: 23 Min
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Mom is pooping while cleaning starring in video JosslynKane

Mom is cleaning the window, or the cupboard. She used the kitchen table to reach every part. She is dressed with a long t-shirt, panties and shoes. son is sitting at the table and enjoying the wonderful view from below. the cleaning takes long long time. mom knows exactly what her son likes so much. She askes if she should better continue nude and just keep shoes on. what a wonderful proposal, son loves it. after another whiole she askes the son if he would mind when she would poop on the table, right in front of his eyes. when done, the cleaning goes on with the sexiest dirty ass on earth

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Mean Schoolgirls Utterly Destroy Nerdy Boys Model Railroad starring in video JosslynKane

For the fans of my destruction films, I am once again destroying with no mercy an entire model railroad. This time Diana Spark joins me to help ruin the train. We play the part of two schoolgirls who want to ruin a silly boy’s train set. Once we are invited over to his house, we trick him and then have a lot of fun to stomp and crush all his trains to bits. The smashed bridge, broken locomotives, and wrecked passenger cars are both peed upon by us. Then we finish demolishing everything else while in the nude and trample it all flat under our sexy shoes. Now all the ruins are swept up and tossed into the bathtub. Diana and I use the ruined train set as a toilet for the evening, enjoying taking turns peeing and shitting upon its wreckage. I film the aftermath, showing how badly we destroyed everything. We both thank our host for a lovely evening and the opportunity to play with his train.

Format: MP4
Duration: 39 Min
Size: 986 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080