MLDO-136 Masochist Who Is Being Destroyed Man Human Furniture (2,14 Gb / 480p)

Masozo Aso bought masochistic human furniture, it is made into a table and made into a table, but it will not be able to maintain the spicy condition for a long time and will be punished by Queen Mayumi each time. It was kicked and beaten, strongly laid up on the face until rid of nosebleed, lifted with a nose hook, beaten with full swing, beaten with holy water and be fucked, pushed food ingredients enough to pluck blood in the ass hole and eat it As it is made to be painted in the face as a human object, it is submerged in a bathtub and ridden up to the point of suffocation. In the first place Queen Mayumi purchased human furniture to break down and to play Ibili and it can not be helped.

Starring: Queen Mayumi and Masozo Aso
Genres: Scat, Big Pile, Domination, Indoors, Couple, Live Toilet, Fetish, Shit, Humiliation, Asian, JAV, Pooping, Defecation, Extreme, Facesitting
True Release Year: unknown