Mistress Anna – Princess Nastia – Full Toilet For Two Mistresses (€9.99 YezziClips)

One is eating, the other is licking. Recently, Mrs. Anna and Nastia like to have fun with two slaves. They do it sometimes, so this time they invited me and Bernar. Usually I serve girls alone, and for me it was the first time I had to serve girls with a partner. I am considered the best eater of shit, so the Mistresses decided specially to use my mouth to send their fragrant poops into it. I really like to eat female shit, but I also really like to lick a beautiful girl in her ass after she have pooped. This time I was not lucky, and the second slave licked the girls’ asses.


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Scat Gaint Shit Mistress Anna starring in video ($25.99 ScatShop)

Like any career girl, I have had to learn to multitask. Using slaves as toilets is a convenience, not a job. So just because there is a former human being waiting beneath my perfect ass to be used as a receptacle for a huge amount of shit doesn’t mean I can’t take a few moments to check my text messages. The slave is well trained enough that it doesn’t need much instructions, just “open it”, not “open your mouth”-it is no longer a mouth but a shit hole and it is no longer his but mine. “Open your shit hole, toilet”. You get to see a beautiful shot of my ass and pussy poised above the toilet’s face waiting for a huge load. This time there is no ass worship. I have become comfortable enough to use the toilet without prior stimulation so you see a slave reduced to pure toilet servitude, serving as nothing but a sewer, a piece of plumbing, a detour for my shit on the way to the city sewer system through the body of a “man”. The slave lies there with a massive shit spreading over its face w


The post Scat Gaint Shit Mistress Anna starring in video ($25.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Mistress Anna – Day 2 – He swallows all my shit (€25.99 YezzClips)

I am doing my schoolwork when the pizza delivery guy rings the doorbell. Finally! I had been starving already. But then I see that he delivered the wrong kind of pizza and I lose my appetite in an instant. Now all I feel like doing was making this screw-up suffer…. Tying the pizza delivery guy to the chair is not difficult, because what man would say no to erotic bondage games? As soon as I tied him up, I get down to business. Several times I pee into a bottle. Once I emptied my bladder, I open the pizza box and unload a gigantic shit sausage on the pizza. Now I will feed these delicacies to the pizza delivery boy! My victim suffers properly while I administer him the lemonade with a funnel. But the poop pizza is much more trouble… Then, my pathetic shit eater has to jerk off onto a piece of pizza. Although he tries to apply the stop word, I stuff this pizza piece, loaded with sperm and shit, into his mouth without mercy. Since he turns out to be a miserable failure of a toilet, I decide not to untie him and keep him there for detention. I smear the rest of the pizza all over his body and up his nostrils. That’s how I leave him alone for the next few hours while I finish my homework…. This video is copyrighted and any illegal spreading will result in legal action!


MistressAnna – 142 Fairly Soft Shit ($31.99 YezzClips)

We met in a hotel lobby. I knew almost immediately that I wanted him to be my toilet. I took him upstairs to my room, stripped him naked, and told him to lay on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. (The scene) He was very afraid, but also obviously aroused. At first, the toilet tried to reason. He wanted to get out of it, but once I had him in my room I knew that I could get him to do it.


Mistress Anna – Shit Licker

Now I’m going to turn my back to you so you can see it all coming out of my asshole. And remember, there will be a lot in there now after a day and a half. For several moments nothing happened, then slowly her asshole began to blossom out to reveal the brown tip of her shit. Slowly her shit crawled out, more and more coming out. Mistress Anna watching between her legs, saw that her turd was tremendous in size and moved her butt around a little to curl it across the plate. When Mistress Anna squeezed out the last of her shit, she turned around to his slave, I think it is time for you to taste a lady’s asshole now. Lick my ass clean! You had better get used to that taste, you will be doing a whole lot of that in the months to come, Mistress Anna promised his slave. So you be a nice little boy now, and lick my dirty asshole. Slave`s tongue began to lap around in her Mistress’s asshole, that wrinkled up pucker placed low in the crack. He finally had to let his breath out and was surprised that the smell was nearly gone, but that acrid/bitter taste remained in his mouth. Get your mouth down on that shit and take a big bite, and remember, don’t you dare throw it up. Better still, I want to see you licking my shit. Lick it from one end to the other, back and forth, up the sides and back down on the other side.

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Anna Mistress – Facesitting Toilet (FULL HD)

Anna Mistress – Facesitting Toilet

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Anna Mistress - Facesitting Toilet (FULL HD) 2

Anna Mistress - Facesitting Toilet (FULL HD) 3

Anna Mistress - Facesitting Toilet (FULL HD) 4

Anna Mistress - Facesitting Toilet (FULL HD) 5

I, Mistress Anna, in my infinite mercy, have decided to further your descent into toilet-hood by preceding your use as a toilet with prolonged face-sitting and masturbation therapy. The slave is sexually excited by the vibrator and my ministrations of my beautiful hands while his breathe is robbed by my ass. The sexual pleasure/humiliation mix deepens the slave’s submission.

The slave’s tongue, driven by suffocation induced desperation, sends wave of pleasure through my body and face, which you get to see in an inset closeup throughout the video. The sounds of my voice as I am cumming are amazing. Naturally, once I am satisfied, the slave’s sexual stimulation ends.

But I am not completely done with him since, of course, once I have cum I need to take a shit. Luckily my slave is already in position. He may not get to orgasm but it will at least have the great honor of serving as my shit receptacle! I know you are masturbating while watching this video, so remember, before your squirt your penis pus, to beg me for permission, PLEASE MISTRESS ANNA, LET ME BE YOUR TOILET!

STARRINGMistress Anna

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