Josslyn Kane – I Will Show You How Dirty I Can Be

I Will Show You How Dirty I Can Be

I Will Show You How Dirty I Can Be - 1

I Will Show You How Dirty I Can Be - 2

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STARRINGJosslyn Kane

“I’d like you to wear your glasses, a short dress which shows your cleavage, white underwear and some sexy heels (I want to be able to see your feet and toes throughout the video). I think a 10 minute video would be suitable for what I would like. I want you to start by saying ”hey it’s me Ieva. I’ve always wanted to show you how dirty I am”. I’d then like you to walk towards the camera, squat down and open your legs to show your white panties and start rubbing yourself through your panties and moaning slightly (not too over the top) and saying how horny you are. Whilst getting yourself horny I want you to announce ”oh, I think a need a poo” (in a cute voice). Then take off your dress and continue to play with yourself whilst you sit on the floor (making sure I can your feet in those sexy heels). When you are getting really horny start talking about how much you need to shit saying things like ”I think I need to take a shit, a big, smelly, disgusting shit”.

I then want you to poop in your panties talking about how smelly it is and how disgusting it is but how much it turns you on. Say things like ”I’m doing a stinky shit”, ”it’s so dirty but I love they way it smells”, ”it’s a big, brown stinky shit”, ”it’s so disgusting and so smelly”, ”it’s a big brown steamy shit” (so talk a lot about how bad the smell is). When you are pooping your panties, continue to rub your pussy and turn around so your arse is facing the camera and I can see the shit coming out and bulging in your underwear. Then rub your shit through your panties. Take off your panties and show the shitty panties to the camera whilst saying how dirty, disgusting and smelly they are. I then want you to finger your pussy to keep yourself horny and progress to your arse and start fingering it. Whilst your fingers are in your arsehole talk about how you have more smelly shit inside you and start to shit on your fingers. Get close to the camera and start smelling your shitty fingers, describing how much they stink and how I’m a naughty boy for enjoying it so much.

I then want you to shit on the floor and rub the shit all over feet whilst you are wearing your shoes. If you could squat for this bit whilst your feet are in full view close to the camera and then tell me how much you want me to lick your ”smelly shit covered feet” and how dirty I am for licking your ”smelly shitty feet”. After this for the final part, start masturbating with a dildo putting it inside your arse making sure it gets covered in shit whilst talking about how dirty and disgusting we both are and how much it smells. Finally get close the camera and suck the shit off the dildo whilst rubbing yourself, making sure I can see your sexy feet in those heels and talk how much it stinks.”

GENRES : Pantie Pooping Video, Scat, Shitting, Copro, Scat 2017, Coprophagy, Scatology, Full HD

LENGHT : 19 Minutes 3 Seconds

SIZE : 457 Mb

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