High-Tide Video SuperScatPack 56 video


A massive collection of Hightide scat videos. This also includes some of their femdom Praying Mantis series.Each movie screen is included in a separate folder! About half have been uploaded before and if that’s a problem I’ll take them out.


HighTide-Video.part1.rar – 10.97 GB
HighTide-Video.part2.rar – 10.97 GB
HighTide-Video.part3.rar – 10.97 GB
HighTide-Video.part4.rar – 10.45 GB

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Scathunter – Modern Whorefare Pt 2 – Advanced Scat Training

Scathunter_-_Modern_Whorefare_Pt_2_-_Advanced_Scat_Training 00001

Scathunter_-_Modern_Whorefare_Pt_2_-_Advanced_Scat_Training 00000

Scathunter_-_Modern_Whorefare_Pt_2_-_Advanced_Scat_Training 00002
Scathunter_-_Modern_Whorefare_Pt_2_-_Advanced_Scat_Training 00003
Hey Guys ( and girls 3) welcome back to another sizzling hot nasty movie! Get your popcorn ready because this movie delivers everything it promises and more! If your looking for big scat loads and big swallows!?? This is the movie feature for you! So this is the sequel to the first movie basic training, and its called advanced training for a reason! This title features Imani and Valentina. Imani delivered an absolute all star performance once again! She swallowed mouthful after mouthful of her own scat as well as Valentina’s scat, and followed it up with yet a larger and even more intense squirting, moaning orgasm using her pink toy. Wow and I have to stop right here and admit I came right along with her in that scene. *shrugging shoulders hehe The authenticity of her enjoyment and absolute pleasure is too much to ignore..I could not help but be overcome by her feeling of letting loose and having the opportunity that few get, of being a dirty shit eating slut! There is just something sooooo very HOT about reckless abandonment into indulgence and pleasure!!! Side note. She was also making cute farts while she was orgasming hehe The outfits were really cute in this movie and I thought both of them looked extremely sexy. I especially loved the cute little black eye make up Valentina sported under one eye hehe There was not much of a theme to this movie outside of the militaristic idea of going into battle, and training in scat. Which to me are almost the same thing lol. This scene is hands down one of my favorites for its realness and authenticity. The movie also has a whopping 14 minutes of scat play! Little time is wasted. Both girls delivered pretty big loads of shit, which we cannot always make happen, but when it does happen like this it makes for really great film! I also loved the angle adjustments where we have the opportunity to see more of what is happening from ass to mouth. Although I love it when the girls actually suck the scat right out of each others assholes for its utter filthiness, I also feel there is more power behind seeing an asshole open up wide and deliver to a waiting mouth! I have to give this film 5 stars and once again recommend it! I know I do that almost every time but you will absolutely see what I mean with this one! Spoiler alert. At the end of this movie, Mr Cheeks makes a quick cameo lol I was kind of shocked to see this but he pisses into Imani’s mouth and she literally swallows every drop of it! He said he wanted to show an outtake of what happens off camera at shoots! I liked it! Enjoy


Name: Scathunter_-_Modern_Whorefare_Pt_2_-_Advanced_Scat_Training
Permission: HD
Duration: 00:18:44
File size : 734 MB
Resolution : 1280 @ 720


Scathunter_-_Modern_Whorefare_Pt_2_-_Advanced_Scat_Training – (3 x 254.61 MB)

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PervertedScatSex – MegaScatPack (119 ScatVideo)

More than 36 hours of scat action!!! Showing a little bit of every kind of scatplay. Included are solo, girl-girl, couples and groups
soft like pooping or smearing
hard eating shit, feeding
femdom and maledom
dirty blowjobs, piss

Clips: 119
Playtime total: 36.5h
Resolution: 480×360 / 640×480 / 768×576 1280×720
Download Format: mpg / mp4



Perverted_Scat_Sex – (3 x 9.08 GB)

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Filthy ShitLovers Complete – Matilda P1 ($12.99 ScatShop)

With my toilet slave tied up and placed beneath the MasterMind Craft’s toilet chair, I unwrap and enjoy a bar. The slave looks up at my ass while I happily partake in my favorite indulgence. I know the toilet slave is scared because his breath gets quicker. I pee into the toilet device. It goes down the tube and into the slave. Then, it’s time for the slave to have its chocolate. I have a big movement. I push the movement down the tube and into the slave. I grab a large handful and pack it into the slave’s mouth. I make the slave say “I love you” while its mouth is packed with shit. Once the slave swallows everything I gag it and lead it back into its cage. I tell the slave to try and get some rest. I’ll be back and expect it to consume again shortly.


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Poo19 – Eating girl’s shit as showing of love – Smelly Milana

Eating girl

Eating girl

Eating girl

Eating girl

Today, before meeting with Mistress Karina, I could not find a place for myself.I have been knowing this girl for a long time. She is my Mistress, she poops in my mouth and I eat her shit, I drink her urine and lick her ass. She lashs me and humiliates me. However, she is very attractive to me as a girl. The day before, I had not slept all night and was very worried before the meeting, because I decided to take courage and confess my love to her. Today I received an invitation to her country house. I had to come at a certain time and serve mybeloved Mistress. At the moment, when I massaged her feet, I said all words thatI wanted to say to her. However, I did not receive reciprocity. Karina had ridiculed me and had humiliated me in full. She didn’t see me as a Man. I was only fit to eat this beautiful girl’s shit. At first, I was bitter and hurt, I felt humiliated. Karina consoled me by letting me smell her panties and treatingme to shit, which this time was very tasty and fragrant. I enjoyed the sight of her attractive anus prettily opening and releasing turds that filling my mouth. Karina was shitting for a very long time. The grapes and bananas, which the girlate the day before, tasted good, and I even felt grape seeds when chewing. When I ate all the contents of her intestines, I was allowed to lick soiled anus, andthen wash down with urine from the glass into which Karina had peed. From today’s meeting, I concluded that I love Mistress Karina as a girl, but I express this love in a special way. I love being a slave to this girl and I likeserving her as a toilet. And this is a special kind of love. :shit:

Eating girl

Name: Eating girl’s shit as showing of love
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:14:16
File size : 1.23 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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1950s Scat Wam starring in video evamarie88 ($19.99 ScatShop) – Scat Solo / Amateurs Scat

It’s time for my yearly clip of Thanksgiving leftovers! It’s taken 4 days but today was the day to give birth to my feast from Thursday! I give you a good view from behind as I sit on the edge of the bathtub and give birth to the bird and all the fixings. I do a round of suppository recycling to get it all out. It’s a massive pile of shit and it stinks like garlic. It’s so cold that I can’t even open a window. I decide to bag it and tag it as well as weighing it at the end. Enjoy!


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